Dad what time did you just say we have to leave the house for work on Sunday


“That’s so early it’s almost back into 2018”

Sorry we need to drive 40 miles so we can get to a briefing starting at 7.45.

“Dad I may have to join you in having a coffee that morning”

Yes I suspect my current Decaf diet will be scrapped at 6am Sunday. Son’s comments about Coffee made me smile. A couple of years back I came across some research that seemed to suggest that Coffee was starting to be used with some kids with ADHD.

Dopamine levels in the brain need to be within a very narrow parameter range for the brain to operate at optimum levels. A body of research exists that seems to support the theory that with ADHD Dopamine levels are too low and outside the optimal parameters. Stimulants like caffeine raise Dopamine levels. The argument is that stimulants can then be used to raise Dopamine levels in people with ADHD to optimal levels. This will have a positive impact on concentration and attention levels. So a cup of coffee might be a good idea for kids with ADHD (like our son)????

But too much caffeine may cause things like stomach trouble, raised heartbeat, sleep problems, irritability……. It’s an addictive psychoactive stimulant drug.

Then you factor in Autism. Little research exists on the effects of caffeine here. Does it help. Does it hinder.

When I spoke to the health professionals the advice ranged from ‘worth a go’ to ‘its a bad idea’.

I’m no medic so I will continue to play it safe. So early on Sunday double standards will be adopted. I will have a strong coffee whereas our Son will have a glass of orange juice.

64 thoughts on “Early morning coffee

      1. For sure. Parents don’t have a true, perfect guide book. Some are out there but they usurally written by people who don’t have children. lol:)

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  1. Caffeine can also help with headaches, this is why most pain relievers have caffeine. A nurse once gave me a soda 😏 after I commented not wanting anymore medicine for my headaches.
    Perhaps you can give him one, while you have coffee? 🤔

    Also, why do kids always want coffee, it seems to me they’re always naturally energized already! 😆

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  2. You could give him Coffee Milk, more milk than coffee. I was considered “hyper” as a child, no diagnosis just a lot of energy. My dad discovered that when he gave me a caffeinated drink in the morning that it slowed me down. Even to this day, coffee doesn’t make me more active nor do cola’s. I can easily take a nap or go to bed after having coffee. And sleep! I believe it’s been proven that for some caffeinated beverages have the reverse effect on people.

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  3. I am a BIG fan of the coffee, especially on mornings that start as early as yours will. I’m also a fan of the double standard because sometimes grownup and kid bodies require different things. If you’re getting advice that’s so far different then you’re probably wise to hold off…

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  4. I’ve read that one’s body acclimates to the stimulant of coffee as well, so his brain does not even function at normal level without the caffeine again.

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      1. A part of that might be that the body is becoming over-tired by all the demands being placed upon it. Over-revving an engine for long periods of time with insufficient rest wears the engine out faster. Plus, our bodies do adapt to the small doses of toxins we put into them until we reach the point of no return where we can no longer keep up the effort of making the body perform ‘as if things were normal’ 😦

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      2. OK – now you’ve given me something(ELSE) to think about…

        Caffeine is a brain stimulant – it makes the brain synapses fire faster so our brains seem to act faster, it does not actually give us energy per se (unless we add tons of sugar to it also like with so called ‘energy drinks’)

        So what happens when our brains tell us we ‘feel’ like we have more energy from the caffeine but our body is not getting anything to actually provide that energy? – we soon overuse the energy our body has available to it and feel like s#!&. 😦

        The brain typically uses around 25% of our total energy supply throughout the day to do it’s job, whether or not it operates at peak levels of performance and conscious awareness of what we are ‘doing’ or just tries to remember where we left the car keys.

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      3. Best thing you can give your brain is water (mineral, if possible) and rest. (sound sleep or ‘practiced’ meditation).
        ‘Good’ brain foods could include Brussel Sprouts??? :-), Dark Chocolate, Nuts esp Peanuts ( Dark choc coated nuts gives you 2 in 1 ! ), eggs, soy products (Polyphenols – excellant!), berries and seeds and the good old Omega-3 rich oily fish! 🙂

        These are brain foods mostly, we get our energy from carbohydrates/sugars, the more natural and unrefined the better. 😉

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  5. I ♥️ empathy coffee, made with ♥️ – I told my wife about this who is a teacher and she said the problem with that is they’ll consume too much and make it worse when they show up to class, so ADHD and over caffeinated, not a great combo. I pray for your son, thank you for this post.

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