Dad when we go to work tomorrow. Because we are near the beach and because it’s Spring can we get an Ice Cream.

Er ok, if you insist. It’s spring it’s bound to be warm…..

60 thoughts on “Ice Cream

      1. You know, wellies are cute but, I’ve never worn or owned a pair. I DO have several pairs of western (cowboy) boots and a couple pair of military style tactical boots. They are very warm & good for wet & muddy terrain. 💕

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      2. I looked it up. LOL! Technically, you ‘could’ wang western boots & tacticals but, they are heavier & probably wouldn’t go far.

        This also reminds me of folks throwing tennis shoes & hi-tops up onto power lines or telephone lines. Tie the strings together… It’s funny looking and hard as hell to get down without power company help…and the police.

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  1. I was in Battersea Park the other day and it was ffffrrrrreeeeezing – chilly rain and gusty breeze – and there was a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream booth with a queue of about twenty people. I can’t do ice-cream until it’s hot hot hot. In this weather all I want is a soya hot chocolate.

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      1. I am exactly that – OK – I have reasons to be sad, reasons to be glad, happy memories, tragic memories, so much to look forward to, and a looming worry about the member of my family who is very ill right now.

        It’s all levelling out and I think OK is a very fair description of where I am at right now 🙂

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  2. On the bright (?? don’t you need sun for that?) side – you could just buy some cream and put it in a cup, then let nature provide the ‘ice’ cream! 🙂 (Tip – maybe add a little caster sugar and vanilla essence first!)

    If it’s any consolation it’s a grey showery miserable day here today – got down to almost 16 C last night and only 22 C at the moment… Brrrrrrrrr! 🌨

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  3. I brought my son a nice, cold water bottle to his soccer game yesterday morning. We both looked at it, and I said, “Next time I’ll bring you a nice, warm bottle.”

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