Somedays get off to a good start, some don’t….

Once the day starts off on a funny note it tends to continue in a similar vein.

I forgot to put our ‘busting at the seems’ bin out for collection. How much more can I squeeze in before it explodes. Next delivery is in 2 weeks.

We had a parcel due. The postman always comes in the afternoon. So it was safe to take the dog for a walk in the morning. Wrong. Postman came early and now we have to go into the city to pick up the parcel.

Son’s football hit the only rosebush in the garden and burst on a thorn.

I started baking some cakes but found out that I had run out of flour. So off to the shop we went and stocked up. Attempt 2 went well for another 20 seconds as I added the flour to the bowl then….

No eggs.

So off we went again to the shop again to buy eggs.

Attempt 3 went well until I remembered that I had run out of vanilla essence. Bugger the shop.

Attempt 4 was vanilla-less. Replaced with several overripe bananas.

Unbelievably it worked out ok. It actually looked ok. The pets were definitely interested. So to protect it I put the cake in the grill part of the oven. Bad idea. For lunch I did some some fish fingers – under the grill. Unfortunately I forgot the cake at the back of the grill. Perfectly cooked fish fingers and extremely well burnt cake.

My digital radio which I’ve had for 18 years died.

My calculator which I’ve had since university died.

A shelf in our son’s bedroom decided to fall off the wall.

The slide door on the psychotic IKEA wardrobe wedged itself shut and is refusing to open. Given its from IKEA it is now refusing to grant access to any of my clothes and is secure as Fort Knox.

So what happened at the start of the day to cause this.

Remember we live in a bungalow. So we are never too far away from the front door. I woke up and went to open the curtains. As I opened the front door blind a rather unfortunate villager was delivering a note about an Easter event. As the blinds opened the poor lady was exposed to the site of me in just a pair of boxer shorts. She is going to need years of counselling.

The day finished on a poignant note. Before the world changed we bought a miniature apple tree. Today it has blossom for the first time. My partner would have been so excited.

102 thoughts on “Counselling

  1. You’re absolute hilarious delivery is amazing. You are doing a fabulous job and yes there are days when things start off on the wrong foot. And how can you determine that you freaked out the neighbor as opposed to offering her a tantalizing treat. 🙂

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  2. Man, I HATE when I miss the mail delivery. Even more frustrating than that? When it’s coming through FedEx or UPS so I get a sticky note saying they’ll try again the next day…when I’m just as likely to miss the delivery! Do they think we’re gonna sit in the window waiting for them all day??

    I love an apple tree! We had one in our backyard once. I admired it for years before I finally caught on to hey! Those are free apples! and made some applesauce and an apple pie.

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  3. Ye gods…yeah, I’ve been there with baking stuff, but would’ve given up after trip 1. That bakin’ ain’t happenin’ at that point.

    But a blooming apple tree…now that is a beautiful piece of life to love. 🙂

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      1. I did, actually, after we moved to our current residence. The boys were very tiny, then, and I usually nursed both at once. Late that October the pastor of a local church came to the door. Here I come from mid-nursing so my upper body’s all…awkward (covered, but awkward), and I’ve got the nursing pillow strapped to my body, the boys are on the couch, screaming because their meal got interrupted, aaaand Blondie must have been napping because I had the movie Children of the Corn on TV.
        Yyyyyeah, that pastor didn’t come back after that. 🙂

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  4. I think God was having a really bad day (his favourite cathedral burned down recently) and he thought he’d cheer Himself up a bit with a ‘funniest home video’ episode made entirely from just one character! 🙂

    The apple blossom was a ‘thank you’/’forgive me’. 😉

    I don’t mean to question the apple tree supplier, but that blossom pic is IDENTICAL to the blossom on my neighbour’s tree…. which is an ornamental pear tree? And you did say your other apple tree blossom is pink?? (Lovely snap by the way!) 🙂

    Tomorrow will get better.

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      1. My parents bought a ficus from a nursery once, to put under a large pergola we had built together. Asked for a plant that would look nice and not grow more than 2 metres tall.

        The trunk grew to be about 18 inches in diameter and the branches reached 4 times the height of the pergola!

        Moral: don’t trust garden shop employees.

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  5. My friend … I have had bad days before, but none to compare to yours!!! At least, however, you DID have your boxers on when you opened the blinds! 🤣 I do hope the next day was better!


  6. We have a miniature apple tree, too! This year we are going to decorate it for Beltane, with coloured ribbons and, erm, an ornamental bat (Cat Daddy’s idea). I would send you a picture if I had the slightest idea of how to include pictures in comments!

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    1. I can help with that…

      Whatever picture you want share, upload it to Media. Do you know how to do that? I can offer instructions…

      Once loaded, it will have an address. That address will be:

      My site is and any picture would be that address plus the name of the picture (dot) jpg or png or gif.

      If you want to share the image in a comment, you just copy that address into the comment field. The picture will appear in comments or the link will allow you to see it when clicked.

      Like this:

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  7. Ha ha… The good news is that I’m catching up on my blog feed and got to read about your terrible day. 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to write a story about how the evil postman always waits till I’m gone, even though I’m around all day besides that one time…

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