It was another work day. Son stayed in the car mostly. Middle of nowhere so it was just us two. I could park the car right next to where I was working. So he was watching movies or dreaming or telling me what I was doing wrong. His day sounds so much better than my work one.

On the way back home.

Dad I’ve been thinking about a new Super Hero character. I think we need one who has Aspergers.”

So what is his or her special abilities.

I think it’s a her. You don’t often hear about girls with Aspergers in the movies tends to just be boys or men”

All Super Heroes have faults. Maybe not Captain America. But I think ours will be a bit of a loner. Might come across either shy or awkward in crowds. Avoiding close contact and certainly avoiding things like hugs. Will often believe what people tell her when people are joking. Always very anxious. The public might think our Super Hero is a bad person as she is seen as being different.”

Anyway her special abilities are:

  • Super senses – hearing, feeling, seeing
  • Super computer of a brain
  • Super memory
  • Super strength honesty
  • High pain threshold
  • Seeing things that other people can’t see
  • Solving number patterns
  • Super good at interrogation
  • Can sense who is good and who is bad
  • Interacting and communicating with animals
  • In tune with the natural world so can harness its awesomeness
  • Fuelled on Pizzas

Speaking of Pizza, how about an early pizza tea”

Who am I to argue with Superpowers. It’s Pizza time.

92 thoughts on “Super Hero

  1. When my son first found his peace with being an Aspie kid one of his favourite entries came from online website which has some choice stuff so I won’t directly but the entry for “Asperger Syndrome” has this which I think is brilliant. Your lad is very, very switched on I wouldn’t be surprised if he appreciates some of it too.

    “The horrible consequences of Asperger Syndrome include: not making small talk, tendency to think for yourself against the herd, and high intelligence. Pretty much it boils down to your typical hipster or college professor. Those afflicted with Asperger Syndrome are linguistically verbose, to the point of vexation. They think it is blasphemy to not use the King’s English even during the most informal events.

    Some theorists believe that the entire Japanese people suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome because of their tendency to stay emotionally detached in all situations except seppuku.

    Famous aspies
    Oscar Wilde – Yeah, he actually had Asperger’s.
    Ludwig van Beethoven – Together with ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Christ, this guy had it all! What?
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Well Beethoven couldn’t hog all the syndromes!
    Lewis Carrol – He had everything!
    Leonardo da Vinci – Possibly the world’s first metrosexual aspie.
    Albert Einstein – See Lewis Carrol.
    Charles Darwin – Author of the famous evolutionary thesis, You’re A Monkey Mate, also known as On The Origin of Species.
    Isaac Newton – If Einstein and Darwin had it, Newton was sure as Hell not missing out on the action!
    Bill Gates
    Most geniuses”

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  2. Definitely on a winner there! Who would he cast as her in the movie version?

    Every Superhero needs a great sidekick… like a pet dog? Maybe one who could control (well, use) the powers of Chaos?? Just Sayin’ 😉

    Don’t forget the cape!

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  3. On a tangential note, did you ever see the 2017 Power Rangers film?

    I mention it because one of the characters in the film (Billy, the blue Power Ranger) is autistic and pretty well realised, in my opinion.

    As for pizza, it’s Wednesday. We always have pizza on Wednesdays 🙂

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  4. Excellent – well that certainly explains why l could eat pizzas all day and everyday and why l tell Suze that pizzas energise my brain! Brilliant post!

    By the way, strange how small the world is today l feel, but your son’s attitude ties in rather nicely with my tagging of you for just that with a Random Quote 321 Quote Me on the subject of yes … Attitude.

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      1. Absolutely, but you see Gary – they weren’t eating pizza at the time – way too many people simply write off the humble pizza as a … and forgive me whilst l take a deep breath … but as ‘just a pizza’ when the reality is the mighty slice is a doorway, a portal into greatness!!

        Had they been taking in the iconic cult of pizza eating at the time, they would have realised that the tag line should have indulged in pure pizza fantasy … l rest my case 🙂

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  5. I think your son’s super heroine exists. Her name is Greta Thunberg and she has mobilised the world to act on climate breakdown. Her Asperger’s has actually helped her to be effective with kids and adults alike. Have you seen her speech at the European Parliament yesterday? She received a standing ovation. Not because she is a kid, but because her speech was emotional and cut right to the heart of issues. She slapped Britain for its obsession with Brexit while ignoring climate action. Superhero Greta talked with the Pope today. 😊

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