I have a soft spot for this particular plant. My mum had it in a container in her little garden. After her stroke she couldn’t get into the garden that often to water it. It looked lonely. Then the world fell in. When I started to clear her house after those 6 weeks of hell in 2016 – I felt sorry for it. I was in a completely unhinged state and I worried that the plant would be discarded. Left to die. Two deaths was more than enough for that pigging year. I started talking to it. I would tell it how bad I felt. How lonely I was. How completely broken I had become. It was literally the only thing I could truly open up to. I had to give up my job to be there for our son. I was so completely isolated. But that plant was there. Eventually when the house was sold I brought it back to our garden and planted it. It started to thrive. Then…

Then the mad pup arrived. Captain Chaos took one look at the garden and decided that this plant was going to be his ‘cock his leg’ plant of choice. Since then it’s been subject to daily dog waterings. If that wasn’t bad enough the pup then decided he could use the plant as an essential part of his escape strategy. So in addition to being constantly pee’d on it has been dug under, dug out, dug round, dug through and used as a canine climbing frame.

Yet it is still here and is still flowering.

I was discussing this resilient life form with our son. All that it has been through, all that it has survived and how it still flowers. Surely it needed a really heroic name.

Son thought for a while and said

I’ve got the perfect name … JEFF”

So meet the amazing Jeff. A survivor from 2016 and a damm fine counsellor to boot.

76 thoughts on “Plant versus Dog.

  1. My Mother kept a garden,
    a garden of the heart,
    She planted all the good things
    that gave my life it’s start.

    She turned me to the sunshine
    and encouraged me to dream,
    Fostering and nurturing
    the seeds of self-esteem…

    And when the winds and rain came,
    she protected me enough–
    But not too much because she knew
    I’d need to stand up strong and tough.

    Her constant good example
    always taught me right from wrong–
    Markers for my pathway
    that will last a lifetime long.

    I am my Mother’s garden.
    I am her legacy-
    And I hope today she feels the love
    reflected back from me….. to my son !!!

    Have a nice day!!!

    PS. What’s your name and yours son name ?
    Mine is EFI!!

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  2. Jeff? Ah well, your son knows best! 🙂

    I believe that is a Magnolia sieboldii, or it’s very close relative (sub species perhaps, or UK cultivar?) The only problem with that identification though is most of the flowers i’ve seen pics of tend to hang down rather than point up (but not all) and it is supposed to flower in the Summer??

    Here’s a website, or you can google Mag Sieboldii.

    The website does not mention if peeing on it does it any harm, or any good??

    Your yellow leaves may be due to cold or could mean an iron deficiency, possibly from acidic soil? I think dog urine is alkaline so it could be helping???

    Take good care of it – decent counsellors are hard to find, particularly ones that work for free!

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  3. Last year we had a baby seagull living in our yard my son named it Steve jr. I said why junior? He said because the one at dad’s house is called Steve. Jeff is beautiful and looks like he has survived well.

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      1. We once had snow on Christmas morning. That might not seem so unusual except for the fact that we’re in the southern hemisphere, and we typically get snow only once or twice in ten years and then it falls in July/August.

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  4. Jeff! Awesome!

    I have a pear tree named Donny. We’re cool, too. But there’s no dogs making his life difficult. Just a cat who loves to linger in Donny’s shadow and chase away fruit-stealing birds.

    I hope Jeff will bring you happiness or simply many more moments of relief 😊

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