We have a wood about 2 miles walk from the village. It’s a beautiful place. But for one month it becomes truly magical. It becomes carpeted in bluebells. Hence it’s nickname – Bluebell Wood. For the last few years the Bluebells have appeared mid April. So off we marched.

On the way we passed the farmers ‘manure’ heap.

Pointing at it “Son that is some cow….”

He just looked at me with that puzzled look. “Dad the herd is about 100 strong. It’s probably taken all the cows the last few months to produce that”

So we moved on. Now I remember using the same joke last year and getting the same response.

Anyway we arrive at Bluebell Wood.

Currently it is called ‘The not at all Blue Wood”. Anyway it’s still beautiful and son had many a good dream.

As we arrived back home Son pointed to the side of the door. In the end we got a bit of a flower fix.

56 thoughts on “Bluebell Wood

      1. Mine haven’t opened yet, although as you saw from post yesterday there are others not too far which have. Strange how nature works!

        Anyway, nice to come home to bluebells. I did enjoy the ‘big cow’ joke 😃. My daughter doesn’t find such comments funny, either.

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      2. I understand that with autism people do take things literally but I do also know that if I said the same joke to my daughter (who isn’t autistic) it wouldn’t improve her reaction.

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  1. Your bluebells are better than mine! (were). 🙂

    What does the boy think of the changing seasons?? Is change ok with him so long as it is gradual? Can he work with that – seeing that some changes can be enjoyable and not a bad thing? Just a thought. 🙂

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      1. True. But it is interesting to consider how keen we are for change of things we don’t like much while we are loathe for changes to the things we do like! 🙂 It’s not change we fear per se.

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  2. Oh, i don’t know if it’s the same place i went to a while ago, but that was also know for its famous bluebell patch. Mind you, i haven’t found them, even though there were signs… 😀

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      1. Not too many forests. I like to run on a paved trail when I run outside alone and so I get a nice it of wildlife. But the kids are not into running or biking really to follow along. Once we traveled to Virginia for vacation and there was a state park right across the street from where we stayed. I ran it – but it was summer and humid. So I was the tasty snack for all the mosquitoes around. Would have been super nice to see in a different season!

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      1. I wasn’t facepalming you, honey. I was facepalming Miss “why aren’t you reading my blog, anymore”. 🙄

        I have little patience with obnoxious egos…esp. whiney ones.

        Sweetheart, you get hugs. 🤗

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