It’s Sunday so it must be time to visit Switzerland memories again. Still no free chocolate from the Swiss Tourist Board – I’m not stopping until I get something from them….It’s never going to happen…..

The Aare Gorge is close to the beautiful town of Meiringen.

For about a mile the River Aare cuts through a limestone rock mass.

At times the gorge is about 100ft wide but narrows to just a couple of feet.

Looking up at the sheer rock faces which loom over 150ft above. The almost orchestral sound of crashing water. It does feel like another world. Certainly a place for dreams and losing yourself.

Being Switzerland at the end of the walk you can enjoy a hot chocolate….

We had a breathtaking family adventure. Its only a mile but you come out feeling absolutely exhausted. It’s one of those places you need to try and visit once in your life. The place gets into your soul. My beautiful partner needing two hot chocolates before we headed towards the train. I remember a young son just falling in love with the place. Dreams of Viking Gods, Trolls and ancient times. These photos don’t go anywhere near capturing its magic.

54 thoughts on “Aare Gorge

  1. Now THAT’S a Gorge! ( It’s gorgeous!! 🙄 Awwww Commme Onnn! – SOMEbody had to say it??) 😉

    Definitely a day for enjoying happy memories… and maybe some chocolate? Hot Choc even??

    I’ll have one tonight, you can join me if you like? 🙂

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      1. I did not make myself very clear, my apologies.

        I meant Sunday would be a good day to recall happy memories, not visit them ‘in situ’.

        We could however indulge in a bite of Choc (Swiss maybe? – i had Lindt!) and or a cuppa Hot Choc (I had Cadbury’s) while reminiscing. 🙂

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