We’ve just done the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the garden. I’m sure we found one item which was put out for last years hunt!!!

It’s not much of a challenge for our son. Firstly the dog excitedly sprinting between each hiding place. Plus as our son said

Dad you do know you use exactly the same hiding places every year….”

With a touch of irony our Son hid my wallet somewhere in the garden. While searching I came across one random flower. What a beautiful find.

77 thoughts on “Look what I’ve found

  1. What a gorgeous flower! It is hard to find new hiding places … I know. One year, though, I hid one so well (in the living room) that it wasn’t found until an awful odor a few weeks later began to permeate the house. Lesson learned … know how many there are and count to make sure they’ve all been found! Hope you found your wallet!

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    1. It was in the apple tree. I remember at Uni going to the seaside with a friend. We got drunk again. For some reason we must have bought some fish. I can vaguely remember putting the fish in my friends room. A few days later I spoke to his girlfriend who said the room stunk until they found it. She thought it was his feet….

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