It’s been a few days since the last bit of Switzerland. Time to correct that. Still nothing from the Swiss Tourist Board…… maybe if I threaten to release a photo of a Swiss train being one minute late.… Or maybe I just cut to the chase and threaten to release a photo of me semi naked on top of a snow covered Swiss Mountain.

My partner was the clever one. I was the dim one. My partner was practical one. I was the one who tended to get things the wrong way round.

My partner had a very sensible approach to walking in The Alps. Catch the train or bus or cable car to the top. Have a bite to eat and drink. Then walk down. Finally have a Swiss Beer on the train.

My approach was to slog my way to the top – usually taking the wrong path several times. Collapse in a heap at the top. Have several Swiss Beers to numb the pain. Then roll down to the bottom. Collapse onto the train and watch the steam explode from my clothes.

Strangely I was usually overruled….

The above photo was one of those entirely sensible days. Carried to the top by public transport and walk down. But this one had a slight twist. We had a 5 year old with us. A 5 year old who wanted a piggy back – all the way down. So our son loved his 2 hour decent. My back and neck – not so much. It’s a good job the Swiss do make exceptionally nice paths. But at least the several Swiss Beers on the train helped numb the pain.

Now to find that semi naked photo…

60 thoughts on “Up or Down

  1. It sounds like you two complemented each other very well. Thanks for sharing your lovely memories with all of us.
    Toting a child on your back is no easy feat. My body doesn’t miss those days…but I certainly do.

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  2. Re ‘that picture’ can you include a health warning for the sensitive flowers viz me among your readership. I too was a slog and suffer kind of tourist. I too have the physiotherapist bills for becoming a pretzel for carrying my heirs to be. Nice memories too.

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  3. A fun post. I once carried 6 year old Becky back down Snowdon on my shoulders. I was too scared to make it to the top and on the way down clouds, which had concealed the narrowness of a path I was descending, cleared. My shirt was soaked with cold sweat in seconds

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  4. Your photo is spectacular! She certainly did have it right Gary!

    I could pick you up a Toblerone on the way back from Australia – I am sure they will be well stocked with them at Heathrow.

    When I was in Romania, our ski instructor (who like most ski instructors was rather loopy) took us up to the top of the mountain where we had lunch in the restaurant. He then gave us piggy backs (there were three of us girls, so we had to take turns) down the mountain. The boys who were with us didn’t get a piggy back from him and we were too scared to accept their offer of trying to give us a piggy back.

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  5. Ha! We had a similar hike. Kids gave up and all wanted rides. We should’ve just brought along a sledge.
    That picture is beautiful.

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