This is Starsky. A noisemaker who lives in our roof. When we are in the garden he comes to join us. He happily hops around our feet. Probably something to do with us being the worlds messiest eaters.

Our Son is adept at playing the naming game now. He knows that as soon as something is given a name then it gets protected status. This little and very noisy bird was quickly given a name so that the newly established protection rights prevented eviction from his or hers new rooftop studio flat.

I’m hoping one day to get similar rights…..

40 thoughts on “Starsky

  1. Starsky? – I’m going out on a limb here to say she was probably not named by your son in this instance??

    Starsky seems to be a female or juvenile Common Blackbird (yes – they’re both normally brown, dumb name!) Hutch would obviously be the darker of the pair? (Assuming there is a Mr Starsky?)

    As an interesting aside did you know the scientific name for the Common Blackbird is Turdus merula. I’ll leave it at that.

    Landlords have no rights – you knew that surely?? 😉

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  2. HA! That’s why we always fear for Sammy, the rabbit who lives underneath our neighbor’s shed. I’m pretty sure the hawk got him over winter, but the moment they saw another bunny–“Sammy!” Sooooo the new bunny is Sammy. xxxxx

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