Laura did a great post about shooting stars.

It was in response to a Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt.

It got me thinking about the night sky and meteors.

Everyday over a 100 tons of space particles reach our atmosphere. Up to about 80,000 meteorites fall to the surface of the earth each year. Rarer are the larger space rocks which cause the awesome fireballs. Theoretically on a perfect night you should be able to see maybe 5 shooting stars per hour. But often they feel like they are so rare. They seem rarer than a change in our son’s school meal regime. Stays the same. Everyday it’s just flapjacks. I estimate so far this school year he’s had something like 275 of them. Yesterday we had a school fireball. A rare meal change. Yesterday lunch comprised 6 cheese hash browns and a flapjack.

About three times a year we go outside to view a meteor shower. Being Yorkshire we go out with about 20 layers on and lots of hot drinks. The record was 108 shooting stars in one night for us. Some nights are memorable for other reasons. We were sat on the grass in the pitch black. I reached down for my steaming coffee. The cup seemed strangely cold and slimy to my lips . Effectively kissing a slug is not a great feel. Not seen a Barista come up with that one yet….

Thanks to Laura we are off out tonight to have a slug free shooting star hunt.

70 thoughts on “Shooting stars

      1. I pack his lunch – which is really a series of prepackaged snacks and then some fruit. He tried pizza at the school cafeteria on the day he was introduced to it for the first time. He thought it was “gross” by sight alone and wouldn’t put it anywhere near his mouth :-). But I bet if found something he did like (like the flapjacks) he’s probably eat them everyday as well!

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  1. Wow, you are so lucky not to have the light contamination and Yorkshire is such a beautiful area… I love it up there. Sadly, I am currently in the middle of Leicester… No chance for shooting stars. Happily, I live on a narrow boat and we do move, so won’t be long until we are out in darkness once more, we’ll, until we reach the next town.

    Hope the weather stays dry and clear. It hasn’t been a great day… Hailed here twice here today… Cats, dogs, and marbles! Stay warm, don’t kiss any slugs! 😉

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      1. As far as we like between March and November. Sometimes fast (10 miles a day), sometimes slow, (1 inch a day on a swinging mooring pin). We meander wherever the will takes us, but are pushed on by a maximum mooring restriction of 14 days in any one place. 😊

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  2. Oh I am jealous – London is not the best place to gaze at stars – way too much light pollution. Sounds so much fun…although, snogging a slug does not sound fun – did the slug like your beard?
    I think I went through a stage when I ate flapjack every day for lunch – I think my mum is still in that stage. Love it. I hope the flavours vary though. I could not have the same flavour flapjack every day.

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  3. Tonight’s the best night for the Aquanid meteor shower ( in the sign/constellation of Aquarius). Down under it starts around 3 AM!! so i will not be catching any of that one. 😦

    That should make it around 7 PM your time though and i’m guessing it might still be light by then, assuming there won’t be any clouds of course?

    6 cheese hash browns?? Wow – was it the anniversary of a famous English naval battle victory or something??

    You gotta kiss a lot of slugs before you find the one that’s right for you. Don’t go sleazing off with the first one who kisses you back is my advice.

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