That Monday morning feeling.

Is it Monday already. What happened to the weekend.? That’s what the cat was thinking.

You know it’s going to be one of those weeks when the door bell rings at 7am. A food delivery to the wrong house. Wonderful. Sod’s law states that this happens only on a bank holiday and on the only morning when we are both asleep past 6am.

I open the door and a delivery man smiles and hands me a cucumber.


Morning Mr Peters. Can I just hand you this first. For some reason they are handing out free cucumbers today as a free promotional offer.”

Erm I’m not Mr Peters.

Your food delivery sir”

It’s not ours I’m afraid.

Its very grey today, hope you are well.”

Sorry wrong address.

It is ok if I deliver now. I know the order time was 7.45 and I’m a few minutes early. Hope I didn’t wake you”

Sorry yes you did wake me…. hang on why am I apologising.

I will just go and get the frozen items”

You have the wrong address.

The directions on the order were difficult to find. Next time maybe mention looking out for the church on the right”

Clearly there is only one person here who is asleep and sadly it’s not me.

No substitutes today but we only have one pack of apples, so you are one short. You won’t be charged for it”

I bloody well won’t be charged for it as it’s not mine. YOU HAVE THE WRONG ADDRESS.

Oh. Are you sure?”



Yes really.

“But the Sat Nav directed me here”

It’s the wrong house.

Oh I will just go and phone base to check”

Trust me you don’t need to. I can confirm I did not order this. What’s the address on the order.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you that due to Data Protection rules sir”

Now desperately trying not to attack this person with the cucumber. Looking at the delivery note on top of the fresh fruit you are in the wrong village. You need to be 2 miles further down the road.


He quickly grabbed the delivery note so he didn’t breach any further privacy rules. Looked blankly at it for a few moments. He then mumbled an apology and left. As I watch him drive away I realise I still have the cucumber in hand. Too late. Well at least I’ve got a piece of fresh food as compensation.

I kid you not – 5 minutes later the delivery man returned for his cucumber. They only had one for each delivery house…

Unbelievably the rest of Monday was uneventful. After a brief visit to his food the cat has basically not moved. Same expression. It’s the expression the delivery driver had. It must be the Monday look.

85 thoughts on “That Monday morning feeling

  1. I laughed out loud, you wanting to control yourself from attacking him with the cucumber ๐Ÿ™‚ And then he came back for it! Oh my goodness, too funny. On a sadder note, you did lose some precious sleep there. A little early from his 7:45 scheduled time? Sounds like this driver had big plans at 12 he had to be ready for. Way to take a frustrating moment to laugh about ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved it (although I still feel bad for your sleep)

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      1. Yes, this morning I had a little hand letting me know there was a flashing light under my bed. He wasn’t appeased to know it was just the answering machine with yesterday’s messages on it still. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Oh oh oh oh oh … I owe you one, for you made me laugh!!! I didn’t think I had a laugh in my tonight, but thanks to you and your delivery dude, I found one! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    Happy Tuesday … hope it starts out better!

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  3. Just another Manic Monday (Susanna Hoffs/Bangles..GRRRRROWR!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Coulda bin worse! Could have been Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged getting your address wrong (or worse still – getting your address right!!) at 7:00 am on a Monday holiday delivering you a personalised insult, instead of an unintended one.

    That cat, by the way, is actually thinking: “Unless you are waking me to inform me my breakfast is now served just the way i like it, prepare to have your shins shredded!”

    Hope Tuesday starts off better, Sir.

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      1. lol – there’s half a cucumber in my fridge – although it is a but soft…and I have three spring onions and some celery. I could post them to Yorkshire if you like. Is 7am alright for the delivery time?

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  4. I have to admit that, after a couple of attempts I’d have been tempted to concede that he’s right and I must have forgotten where I live. Now hand over that food that someone else has paid for ๐Ÿ˜‰

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