At the weekend we had a brief break in the weather. Off we set with the dog for a walk. Son spotted a sign for a path. A path we had never ventured down. No idea where it went to. So living life on the edge we went for it. After a couple of miles we came to a stream with two large signs.

The first sign “Please keep to the path. Do not enter farmland. Cross Bridge for path to ….”

The second sign “Foot Bridge missing. Path closed”


Trying to find work balance is tough. Sometimes not enough work to pay the bills. Other weeks too much work to fit into the available hours. This week feels like the later case. Thats good as quite a few bills are keen to be paid. Downside is that little time available for things like housework or paperwork or battles...


Several weeks ago we had the annual school review. The outcome wasn’t ideal but it did feel like some progress had been made. Both the Health Service and Council agreed to look at securing some additional support for our son. The Council also agreed to consider if some of our son’s existing support budget could be diverted into dedicated help. Currently it goes into the overall school budget to pay for general teaching assistants – they support all kids in the class.

Today two letters came….Both letters basically saying the bridge is missing.

First letter from the Health Service. It said that the government had changed funding priorities. Money had been switched from one service to another service within Mental Health. Basically the funding which would have paid for support to our son had been removed. Very apologetic but no additional support available.


Second letter from the Council. No additional funding is available. However it will continue to provide the existing high quality support which has been recognised nationally by the Government for its excellence. Just bugger off…..

Doubly Fantastic……

But the Council letter hadn’t finished yet. They had reviewed his existing support budget to see if it could be better tailored to meet his needs at school. No it can’t. Yes I can decide where the money is spent BUT. If I insist on taking the funding away from the general teaching assistant budget then the original offer of a place at the school would be withdrawn. Further no school in the area would offer a place without the budget going directly into the general school pot. If I elected to move area then his budget would be cancelled.

Absolutely doubly f****** Fantastic

So basically we are back to square one again. We set off down a path with hope and found the bridge was missing. Probably dismantled by our so called Prime Minister to pay for more political bungs to keep herself in a job.

Another dead end.


So the path was closed. No bridge. We looked for alternatives but nothing. So frustrating as you can see the way forward but it’s blocked. Rain clouds coming towards us so we are forced to turn round. Feels like we have been here before.

83 thoughts on “Missing Bridge

  1. So sad. Medical care has been cut here also because of corruption in our state government and federal government. Politicos stuffing money into favorite project pockets (and their own) :*(

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  2. ๐Ÿ˜ข They say when it rains, it pours, and it seems to be pouring quite a bit over your way. I don’t have any sage advice other than … hang in there and keep on doing what you’re doing. One day you will be out strolling and there you will find a bridge … somehow. Hugs, my friend.

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    1. Basically. Reading between the lines is that you donโ€™t try to control your sonโ€™s budget and you can have a mainstream school place. If you do then no mainstream school place and the only school available will be a special school.


      1. Sounds like a rigged game in Las Vegas. Odds are ALWAYS in the house’s favor.

        Yes. We WILL collect your taxes. No. You don’t have a say in what we do with the money. WHO invented THIS s***???

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  3. The Bridge Of Hope – Poem by David Harris

    Beyond the bridge of hope
    lies the land of charity
    and with a little faith
    one day I may get there.
    Where everything is equal
    and shared equally the same.
    Faith leads as we venture
    on across the bridge of hope
    and into the arms of charity.
    Each day we may struggle
    to keep our lives afloat
    as we venture closer
    to the bridge of hope!!

    Have a nice day with hope ….as all do…

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  4. I love the David Harris poem and am saddened by your post. I just hope a bridge does appear. But if I can comment on this as a piece of writing I think it is moving and creative. I guess the bridge metaphor is ideal for this great post. I am going to read it again/

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  5. My ‘like’ on this post was purely as a show of support for your endurance in the daily struggle against stupidity (and self-interest) in Government. There was nothing i liked about reading this post, other than the shot of Yorkshire in sunshine (unusual) and the hope and determination to press on that you expressed in the face of overwhelming arrogance.

    The way the council letter reads from this post is literally blackmail and they are taking something that belongs solely to your son and using it for the benefit of all the ‘mainstream’ students that they think your son is lucky that they are willing to let him be in the presence of???

    I am not feeling at all ‘Charitable’ towards the school or it’s overlords right at this moment.๐Ÿ˜ 

    I think you might be giving May more credit that she deserves… i very much doubt she directly deals with the ‘piddling little day to day minutiae’ of school life and board finances or the shuffling of government funds between departments. That’s much more the preserve of the millions of minions ‘she’ employs to do the necessary dirty work of trying to make the books look like they balance and that she is getting ‘good’ value from every taxpayer dollar (sorry – Pound) her government can rip out from between your and your fellow contrymen’s fingers.

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    1. She sets the tone. She is very good at coming up with half arsed policy ideas then letting some other poor sod take the can when they screw up. Sadly our government and the previous ones have become increasingly driven by some rather iffy right wing American doctrines…

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  6. All these crazy rules are so frustrating! As another poster said, I hope you find your bridge. Dedicated parents need all the help they can get.

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  7. So horrible to have to go through this, and unfortunately this is happening in many countries all round the world. Money worries certainly take away any resilience we may have to deal with the difficulties in our daily lives. I had periods later on where my income came from irregular casual on call work, and family members all had their own situations to deal with, so could not help me. So so so so scary … and seemed to be for such long periods of time. I do hope your work situation evens out.

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      1. You are so positive about your situation. I did not have any dependent children to worry about, only myself, so I was fortunate that way. All the best for you and your son.

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  8. Wow. I’m so sorry — that is stressful and flat out horrible.
    Your system is set up differently from the US. It’s hard to grasp that a parent has the power to direct allocated money for their child’s education, and it’s infuriating that this school found a way to force their own requirements. It’s like a ransom demand — give us the money here or we’ll kick your kid out. Is this common for your education system?

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  9. ๐Ÿ˜” I’m sorry. Yes, you are right. The May double-speak is a hypocracy that no longer hides itself. She is going to take a very big fall next election, if she doesn’t resign first.
    However, I don’t think it will change things much. The purse strings have tightened and I doubt they will be reopened.
    Dark dead end paths indeed! But sometimes, just sometimes a new bridge is built, so always have to hope.

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  10. Well….FUCK. That’s the situation. Just. Fucking. Great. And it’s so damn obvious, the solution, but it’s like no one actually present FOR the situation gets to make all the decisions. That’s what REALLY gets me–decisions made without any information or context.
    Hugs to you from Wisconsin. At least there’s always those. xxxxxx


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