I set my decrepit laptop off on a relatively simple task. But again it went on a go slow. So I foolishly turned on the tv while I waited. A quick bit of channel hopping ended up with me in a parallel small screen universe.

The programme I stumbled on appeared to be about parents talking about modern day life. It’s certainly a different life to mine:

  • One Dad complained that he had been forced to cut back on his golf due to his kids. He now only played golf Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Really. I haven’t played golf in 7 years.
    A couple talked about having to make economies as the second child was just starting private school. They had been forced to cut the number of overseas holidays down to 4 per year. How many holidays did they have before they cut back.
    Another couple talked about parenting being a lot easier than they expected. They did then mention a small fact. They paid for a full time, live-in nanny.
    Another couple admitted that they had accidentally left their new born baby alone three times in various pubs and restaurants – only realising when they got home. They said it was just like accidentally leaving a bag on a bus. Unbelievably our last Prime Minister did this once – and we trusted him with the nuclear codes….
    One mum argued that parents should stop moaning about lifestyle choices. Apparently parents should just pay for babysitting. She would often have 3 or 4 nights out a week as babysitters were so cheap. That’s good to know.
    Another couple complained that they had been forced to buy a new family car – the families third car on the drive. Apparently baby seats or a pushchair would not fit into either of their two sports cars. Not sure 3 cars would fit on my drive….
    Then a Dad talked about how he had stopped his son from playing football and rugby because it was getting his new car muddy. Thank god that Dad has never been in our house. We don’t have much money but my goodness we got inside mud a plenty to show him.

Thankfully for my sanity my laptop found a couple more horse power and completed its task. So I quickly turned the TV off. I must admit that I did not particularly enjoy that brief visit to the parallel parenting universe. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway I’m off to buy a massive Hummer vehicle as I can’t fit all our son’s old Peppa Pig videos in our one car.

91 thoughts on “Parallel Universe

  1. Wow! I think my universe has a lot more on common with your than theirs! Some people don’t have a clue or a genuine care in the world!

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  2. These are the kind of people who make me see red.
    I was furious when some a’ hole was complaining at not being able to live on £125K pa (and that did not include his wife’s salary). That figure would see Hubby and I, and a lot of other people, for at least ten years, possibly 12. It just makes me wonder what planet I’m on, let alone anyone else.
    If I may, you might be interested in these

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      1. It’s crazy isn’t it. I worked with a lad who was earning about a grand less than me, but his fiancee was on something like £8K more than him. Their rent was one and a half times our mortgage, yet they had no savings! Neither smoked, but they did like their meals out and entertaining. But wow, no savings, and no attempt to try, I could never get my head round that.

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      2. I’ve always had to count the pennies, and the one month I thought sod it, I won’t save anything, I cried at the end of it with guilt………… no money, and nothing to show for what I’d spent.

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      3. My salary with the bank was almost twice Hubby’s at one stage, so we saved a fair bit. Paying off our mortgage took everything bar about £200, but as things have turned out, it was the best thing we ever did.

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  3. Hello Single Dad. It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch some well off people are with how the majority lives. During the US government shut down over the holidays when a large segment of workers were not getting their paycheck and some forced to work with out pay, one cabinet official scoffed at why the workers were suffering so claiming they should just take out a loan or have their families give them money. Could you guess the guy was a wealthy billionaire? Hugs

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  4. lol – I think that people who earn a certain amount of money (especially tax evaders) should get automatic enrolment into the space program. Stick them on a space-ship and send them to another planet to establish a human colony. See how they get on.

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  5. Oh my gosh, who are these people? Do they even realize there’s another side to the parenting coin? I guess maybe it’s a parenting cube, because there are a lot of different scenarios. That all these people are obviously completely unaware of.

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  6. Nope, it’s not just you … those people aren’t parents … they have children so that they can try to mold them into what they are, or what they wish they could be. 4 holidays a year? Golf 3 times a week? Their priorities are skewed. I’d rather be sitting at the kitchen table building with Legos with my kid than out in some bar or going to the theater. That is what parenting is about. Sigh. No wonder our world is in a mess.

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      1. Although I knew my parents loved me, I was often pawned off on relatives for a month or two at a time as a child, so that my parents could go places and do things, unfettered by a child. Some people just really aren’t meant to be parents. When I hear people claim that abortion is the most evil thing in the world, I find myself thinking that in many cases, abortion may be the kindest thing. Too many kids come into this world and are considered an ‘inconvenience’ and end up being neglected or abused. Sigh.

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  7. Most people in the world are poor. Here in America I am considered poor. But. I am rich. I have a safe abode, heater and Air conditioning, (window unit) and food and several changes of cloths. I do not drive but family will help. Washing machine but hang inside house on hangers, I am extremely blessed.:))

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  8. I really did think you were just writing entertaining (if maddening) fiction. OMG. These people really said these things? Talk about what is wrong with the kids these days, in this case what is wrong with the kids is the parents. Your child-rearing tactics stand in stark contrast. That is why it is such a joy to read your posts.

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      1. Mothers-in-law demanding grandchildren, having kids is what you are ‘supposed’ to do… I’ve known of some folks that had kids to make sure someone would take care of them in old age. Boggles the mind…

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  9. It is entirely possible those ‘people’ were the kids of parents pretty much identical to themselves… and look at how well they turned out! ( ‘Like accidentally leaving your bag on a bus’???)

    Sad (and disgusting) as it is to some of us, these people are at least partly living in ‘our’ universe, just on a higher pay scale/lower parenting scale.

    There are however, people living on this planet who truly ARE in a ‘parallel universe’ through their belief in what is and is not ‘real’. I’m talking about those who genuinely believe:
    the world is flat;
    the sun is a ball 20 miles wide and a few thousand miles away from us and the moon is a glass ball and can shine with it’s own light;
    that gravity is a fiction created by ‘satanists’ like Newton and Einstein!;
    that we are held to the flat earth by electro-magnetism;
    that ‘lizard people’ (including the Queen and the Royal Family) have been plotting the downfall of humanity for decades, if not centuries;
    that those lizards can also ‘shape-shift’ to human, and other forms, at will;
    that they are in league with or connected to ‘the Illuminati’ who seek world domination and ‘The New World Order’. (A single government by the Elite).

    And if you think they must be joking or no-one believes this stuff, one of our candidates for a seat of one of the two leading political parties in our imminent Federal election had to be removed from the voting forms (and the Party) because he believed in, and posted on his social media sites, about the shape-shifting lizards, warning the rest of us of their plans for ‘us’. He came within a whisker of collecting votes to be part of our Government!

    It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack !

    Then again, reality sometimes gives us good reason to want to leave it and go somewhere else, I guess?

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  10. And we are asking all citizens, including these ones, to make changes to the way we consume goods and services to slow the impacts of climate change. It is going to be a tough challenge, but one we must tackle. I fear I would have been shouting at the television throughout that programme. Worrying.

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  11. My guess is the programme makers chose these parents to get a rise from viewers. That said, the programme participants must be living in a parallel universe if they don’t know how obnoxious their views are. None of the rest of us should feel guilty ever again for wishing we could have five minutes me-time to make a quick phone call.

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  12. interesting post!
    ive heard of parents having to give up their golf before. they should. its a expensive sport. but then i see their clubs behind their again truck later. knowing these are fellow financially struggling folks, i have to wonder about their priorities.

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  13. Four holidays a year? I couldn’t have managed that even when I was single. It’s not just the cost, where do they find the time?

    As for the dad stopping his kids from playing football and rugby, someone has his priorities completely backward there.

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  14. Oh THESE people! I’ve read similar stories in parenting handbooks, esp when we found we were having twins. People talked about hiring nannies, or utilizing daycare and it’s like–yeah, thanks for that. NOT EVERYONE IS MADE OF MONEY. And when I’d look at writers who talked about finding time to write, and they’re none of them parents! Or they waited until the kids were old! “You’ll just have to cut those coffee dates with friends.” WHAT COFFEE DATES?!?!?!


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