Since the world changed things have become financially very tight. Two wages became one. That one wage was a full time steady one but it quickly became a part time zero hours contract. We have two financial positions. Close to the edge or veering towards the edge. The hope is that we can keep going until son has left school, is independent and I can return to a proper income. But the bottom line is our son will always come first the bankers come second.

We don’t have many indulgences. Just can’t afford them.

Our son has had it so tough. Aspergers, Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, losing his mum, losing all his grandparents. The only thing that drives me is that I want to do everything possible to give him the best childhood.

So yes we do have some indulgences.

We pay for an annual pass to a Zoo. If you time it right you can get it heavily discounted.

We pay for a couple of rock concerts a year. We always sit at the back and pay for the cheapest seats available.

Twice a year he goes to see the WWE wrestling when they come to the UK. Again we opt for the tickets right at the back. It’s not great as the wrestlers appear that small it might as well be Lego Figure fighting. But not this time. We went to see it at the weekend. This time when I booked it I came across a couple of seats closer to the ring which had been heavily discounted due to a restricted view.

Really that’s some restricted view. Great night for our son and at last close enough to actually see the wrestlers faces…

So job done today got a happy boy.

One extra bonus. On the way back to the car we watched a massive city fireworks display. Far too much for my knackered phone.

73 thoughts on “Restricted View

  1. Hello Single Dad. You are doing a wonderful job in very trying circumstances. I admire you putting your son and his happiness first. He will only have one childhood and his memories of it will either comfort him or plague him. You are making them a comfort. Grand job. Hugs

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  2. You know, we think we do so little for them because we don’t have as much money as the next guy. But, it’s all the little things we do that they hold dear. They remember EVERYTHING. They know that we do the things we do because we love them and that is what counts.

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    1. …And I see a barrage of entitled “rich kids” every day with my young adults. The treats are so much more appreciated when they are hard to come by! Love your work. Love your priorities. Keep that shit up! πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. You know what? You do an amazing job… You are one of the unsung heros really.. I so admire how you are there for your son and always find the funny or ironic in daily situations despite the huge pain you carry every day over your loss… You are awesome.. Never ever forget it. ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. You did eventually find your way back to the car then, I take it?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    All the wheels were still on i hope?

    Hang on to the good times as long as possible and use them to bring yourself back up from those ‘other’ times that sneak up when you least want them to.

    I’m currently reading how the brain can be ‘retrained’ in patients to return to a previously ‘normal’ state after an injury leading to chronic pain, resulting in loss of the pain that has been severe and daily and lasting for years. It is a permanent fix that pills/surgery had been unable to cure.

    It may help for non-physical trauma (pain/loss) too? Our brain is a far more variable thing than we realise – it changes, particularly with major life events. It’s kind of like a computer that is able to re-write some of it’s programming and how it allocates it’s memory resources. Being able to teach it how to return back to the state it was in before the trauma can massively alter the effects of the trauma that we might not wish to have in our current lives.

    We can get to choose to a degree, what control we have over these processes through conscious intent and consistent effort.

    You do it and can still enjoy WWE though – if that is your wish?? πŸ˜‰
    (And his, of course!)


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      1. Of course it will.

        It’s a sad fact that you do not have to (consciously) do a single thing to get the trauma and that your brain will automatically modify it’s previous usual routines to accommodate for the change in your circumstances, but in order to relieve the trauma a fair deal of conscious work is required to reverse what the brain has ‘learned’.
        Pain has a limited, short term purpose, which is to let us know there is a problem that needs our attention. Once we realise what is causing the pain we no longer need to waste effort feeling pain but just have to deal with the consequences of the issue that caused the pain to arise in the first place. The problem can be though, that the brain has so modified itself from the sensation of pain that it is not able to reset it’s pre-pain levels without considerable conscious efforts.

        There is more than enough suffering to be had in dealing with the thing that caused our pain and those consequences than in having to be in pain when we are least ready to deal with it – like in a soup aisle the week before Mother’s Day or a birthday.

        We can learn to keep the love while dropping the pain level, so as to better be able to function in our new unanticipated roles… when we are ready and when we realise it can be possible. πŸ™‚

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  5. I am so glad that you are able to have some treats Gary. It is so important even when on a tight budget. Ours was a bag of prawn crackers, portion of chicken fried rice, sweet and sour sauce and 2 forks.

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