I run the WordPress App on an iPad. It’s quite an old iPad – pre dates the world changing. But it’s still ok. It runs every app and game perfectly, except one. Yes you guessed it WordPress.

For some reason WordPress just does not want to play.

  • It frequently crashes
  • It lags
  • You like a post and when you leave the page – it regularly unlikes it
  • It refuses to edit properly
  • It often doesn’t let you upload photos – you need to leave it a few hours and try again
  • The help contact form won’t work
  • Words disappearing, words randomly being replaced with symbols
  • Regularly setting my blog sites to zero – unless that’s true….
  • The Reader will frequently only list a few relevant posts. Trying to tell me that for all the sites I follow we have only have something like 12 new posts to view in 8 hours. It will also frequently only list the posts from the previous 30 minutes – nothing after that.

Finally I managed to get some help from the developers. Basically it’s all my iPads fault. It’s too old and slow. Strange as it works well with all other apps..

Well we had a little experiment. I did some work which had to be done on an iPad. So for a couple of days I got my hands on the works latest iPad Pro performance monster. Have to say it was seriously impressive. If you have a spare million pounds it’s so worth it.

So having completed the job I loaded the WP app and had a quick play. Yes it doesn’t lag as bad, but worryingly it was still quite slow. The couple of photo uploads I tried did work ok. It crashed twice. Sadly all the other faults did appear at some stage.

So in a battle reminiscent of Godzilla v Ghidorah – WordPress still got the better of the iPad. Come on Apple clearly we need an even more powerful tablet to run WP…..

60 thoughts on “WordPress v iPad

  1. I also mostly use WP on my iPad. It crashes almost every 30 mins or so on average, sometimes more. The upload and editing is okay but since I rarely use my laptops I have no way of knowing the comparative speed.

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      1. They are. And the dialogue box asked to send a report and I always select; always send and yet the next time it happens the same dialogue box with the same three options pop ups.

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      2. I don’t get the dialogue box for crashes either. I think I used to but perhaps AI worked out there was no point 😉. In any case, on my first attempt to read this post of yours, lo and behold, WP crashed.

        Apart from that, my major complaint at the moment is that Preview (on my iPhone at least) no longer allows me to read my tags before I post and I can’t see them when I’ve posted, either. Could be worse, I know…..

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  2. Maybe just use WordPress from your browser. The apps are lots more clunky. But my iPhone app works pretty well. The app on my computer not as well as iPhone… well it’s different and looks different. (I also gave an apple computer, so why??)

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  3. WordPress works so much better on my laptop. It still occasionally crashed but not too many problems. The last few months I’ve had to use my iPad because I’m not traveling with my laptop. My iPad mini is only about 2 years old. It does most of what you described, crashes (especially with pictures) and does some strange formatting. It got much better when I stopped using the App. I go in through Safari. Although, most times I’m still screaming at iPad for taking an hour on something that should have been 20 minutes. Come to think of it, I should use chrome over safari…

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  4. I use my iPad and iPhone for WP and is crashing very very very often…I don’t think is the iPad or iPhone….I think the issue is WP app….furthermore is draining my battery 🔋When I use my Mac this is not happening…but still some comments are disappearing or goes in spam…

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  5. Don’t have many of the issues you mention on my all-in one HP PC running Windows 7 and Chrome. It can be a little slow sometimes with photos but i just put that down to peak hour usage and the fact i have a 2Mb/sec download/0.75Mb/sec upload internet connection?

    It is likely older than your i-Pad!!??

    I remember a time long, long ago (perhaps in another Galaxy?) when Windows crashed and killed your data and Apple was the bees knees and the users just radiated smugness!! 😉

    Having said that WordPress has ‘issues’, but mainly with Apple users it seems?

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  6. Hi, I know absolutely nothing about technology but I’m going to comment anyway.
    A friend of ours is very techie and he always slags off WordPress and its coding. What he specifically said I didn’t understand but anyway…
    A canal dwelling blogger I follow regularly complains about WordPress coding and how hard it is to upload blogs etc.
    Onto my experience: whilst travelling SE Asia I did everything on my trusty Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3. I never used the app, I went directly to the WordPress site via Chrome. I did used to need ‘good’ WiFi especially to load up photos, but in a whole year away I never missed a posting date or lost any work or had any of the problems people report.
    I have friends who follow me who said the like button didn’t work, or that they can no longer comment, and they are using the app.
    WordPress is being upgraded this year isn’t it maybe that will help??
    Now I am working on my (old) laptop again so straight to the WordPress site via Chrome and so far no issues. In 5 years (of blogging on either an old laptop or an old tablet) I haven’t had the problems that other people report so it seems the app is maybe at least a big part of the issue.

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      1. I use my husband’s smartphone and 4G to check my WordPress and occasionally to make blogs, but I still don’t use the app, I just type the address into Google and go direct to the site.

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  7. The WP Samsung/Android version has bugs. I have exchanged emails & screen captures with support. Their problem is getting the same issues on their end. They have trouble reproducing individual phone issues. I do NOT use the phone app to post…only read and answer comments. A few attempts to post via the phone resulted in a lot of unnecessary HTML garbage in the background. If I have to go to my PC or laptop to clean up the programming in the background, I might as well just post on the PC or laptop.

    In a browser, the Reader is fine in performance. But, there are some sites that won’t render properly due to JetPack issues and specialized web address redirects. Some posts look funny if a certain format is used (I just stay in standard).

    Then there’s the WordPress.org issues. If you go to a Domain Name service, get a web address and use WordPress.org via a third party, you can’t get notifications from that site when they post, even if you can follow them from the Reader (more JetPack problems). If you get WordPress.org from WordPress.com (download), you can get notifications from those sites.

    Oh, and, while no one was looking, WP just stopped being free. It is now ‘Free to Try’ or ‘Sign up for free’.

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  8. Its not just the iPad! I’ve been having so many problems with the app on iPhone lately. It refuses to let me write in verse (which makes me sound very creative but in reality I am usually just quoting something else!) so I have to switch to the laptop for that, and, when I do, it won’t save my work. 😐

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