The path was going well.

The path then went. Not sure where. Maybe this way.

No. Maybe this way.

“Dad have you got any idea where we are supposed to go”

Does it look like it. And with that I tripped over a branch went face first into the undergrowth.

I thought you were a climber. Someone at one with the wild” – much giggling.

I am at one with the wild that’s why I’m currently kissing the ground.

Bear Grylls would now shimmy up a tree to the top and look out over the forest to see the direction we should be heading.”

Not sure the trees will take my weight. Probably end up bending one over and launching myself like a catapult into the North Sea.

Is it a Plane, is it a Bird or is it a flying muppet”

Finally we found a path and made our way home. As we walked up the towards the house.

Dad can I have a cake when I’ve washed my hands”

Bugger. I knew I forgot something. Looking at my watch the cakes had probably been at medium heat for 3 hours.

Some days you just feel lost. Things go wrong. Life is hard. You feel so vulnerable. So fallible. Beyond tired. I’m not alone on that one. It’s human nature. It’s the parenting condition. We all have days/weeks/months like this. What’s the expression

You get good days and bad weeks….

51 thoughts on “Have you seen the path

  1. I can always feel your sons smile when he jokes with you. I am sorry, though, that you had such a frustrating time with the path and the cakes. You had very good intentions with each

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      1. Yes, soon. I am still trying to fill some of their days this summer so they are not poking each other’s moods every day. Does your son break soon too?

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  2. Funny I can relate to you. I use to try hard and say I know what’s going on and where exactly we should go because my son needs affirmation, he knows he is safe with me. Sorry, I laughed when you fall because I’ve been through similar scenarios, I know it must’ve hurt. But I learned to laugh it out myself, because I have no one to share the pain, except my companion, my son, and he will often respond to me with laughing too. When he speaks of the tree, that’s quite a wisdom there, like my son who thinks I am one of those characters he sees on movies. That was a journey you had there :), I hope you are alright.


  3. I realize the advice is a bit late, but the inside of the cakes might be saved and used with pudding as parfaits. Or cake bites. They’re the best recipes with ruined cakes. 🙂

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  4. Its a rare gift how you can bring a smile out of eve the tough times. I felt exhausted yesterday too for some reason I was shattered. I hope things are a little better soon, I know the ongoing challenges never end and it gets so so tiring some days. xoxo

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  5. Courtesy of your son’s brilliant wit and powers of observation i now have a nickname for you!

    Henceforth you shall be named Gonzo (The Magnificent – flying Muppet!) – featuring Mr Crimble. 🙂

    Either that or Alfred (he of the burned cakes fame – ask your son! He’s great with English history!)

    Have a good week!

    Oh, by the way – it’s Monday. Sorry ’bout that.

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  6. I think you did great. You got your boy to smile/giggle, a nice walk through the woods, never mind the sniffing of the earth and the…. cakes on medium heat🤣🤣. This is the real deal, not the polished, varnished versions we are sometimes fed.

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