The wonderful Chelsea Owens has a weekly Terrible Poetry contest. This weeks was

“Please remove all dignified, appropriate rules about poetry and drop them behind a dumpster somewhere, read how to terribly poem, and look at the specifics below:

  1. This week, we are going to make an acrostic poem. The Topic of said poem is a person you detest.
    If his name were Bob, your poem might read:
    lessed waste of
    O rgans is
  2. For Length, your masterpiece must be no longer than the person’s name.
    Also, keep the number of people you hate and therefore wish to honor with a poetic address to three.
  3. Rhyme if you wish; don’t if you’d rather not.
  4. As always, make it terrible. The person you hate must sense, by aura of recitation alone, your loathing and aversion. He (or she) must follow the scent of vitriol to your computer and vow revenge upon your children’s children.
  5. Keep things PG-13 or nicer, if you please.”

Well I couldn’t resist a go and could only see one smug smiling face….


I see the best in folk

Giving the benefit of doubt

Eagerly seeking the good

Leaving the bad to one side

F*** it in this case

A complete bellend

Raving racist

Arrogant and spiteful

Greedy and self serving

Egotistical political parasite

62 thoughts on “Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. I hate to say it and I don’t want to fall out with you but you were actually way too kind about this racist piece of excrement… Being as it is not yet 7 pm, I will not break my vow on being foul mouthed. Not that piece of shit was what I was going to say….

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    1. I used s**t but took it out as it was someone else’s competition. He sits there spouting lies and yet fails to mention his European pension and the 400k he got from the Leave financier. Plus all the free positive publicity he gets from the BBC.


      1. Lol.. my four letterer that comes to mind on him begins with another consonant all together. Seriously he is beyond vile. These folks waving their Dunkirk spirit flags who get their knickers in a knot if their KFC order is wrong, and with no grasp of the history of sabre rattling last century wars that should never have been fought, yet fail to get one thing. That is that the likes of him is why one war was fought–whatever gave rise to that –and he’s an insult to those who did fight that one. He is a fascist pure and simple and as for the pocket lining, beyond belief but not surprising.

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      2. I could not agree more. I used to look at Germany in the 30’s and think the hammering they took after WW1 created the ‘when the people are ready the saviour will come’ scenario, alas for them and the surrounding world. But now you see how it was so much more than that. It was the things we are starting to see here. People who have lived for years here unable to vote, people who have lived here for years having to register. It’s beyond belief what has been let out of the bag all backed by the screaming rhetoric of a gutter press run by nest featherers for nest featherers. .

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    2. That is the scary thing. People who are going to find themselves much worse off and while there’s MPs saying they would not allow this, is there going to be the numbers to stop it? I read an excellent article this week about how Brexit destroyed the last tow PMs now and will destroy the next one unless someone here has the courage to go back to the people and lay the whole thing on the line truthfully. I just hope that’s so. but there’s no such persona and even if there were, people are not listening.

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  2. Just goes to show that hate can be just as inspiring as love! You did a great job on this, but really … did you just have to put his picture here? I almost choked before I was even able to read the poem! 😉

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  3. I have always thought (and am yet to meet a person who disagrees) that the word “Farage” sounds like having a seedy grope with someone. “I caught them having a farage on Clapham Common”, that kind of thing.

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  4. Well NOW it makes sense. 😀 You answered another week’s prompt.

    This week’s about epic series. You ought to enter again!

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  5. Hahah perfectly penned! I hate this little scrote of a man, and yet the Brexit Party seems to have had a landslide victory in the European elections. I wish he could read your poem & know how so many feel about it, maybe it’d wipe some of that smug smile off his face.

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