National Clear Your Clutter Day. What other useful or strange days exist in our wacky races type of world. Today is apparently Hamburger Day. Tomorrow is Learn about Composting Day – I defer to Rory for all things to do with composting. Before I start getting a bit Monty Python some national days are truly great ideas.

Zero Discrimination Day – 1st March

World Wildlife Day – 3rd March

World Autism Awareness Day – 2nd April

World Red Cross Day – 8th May

World Environment Day – 5th June

World Refugee Day – 20th June

Then you get some other days…. Some other notable days include

National Hug Your Cat Day – 4th June …. that’s for the brave amongst us

National Donald Duck Day – 9th June

National Take Your Cat to Work Day – 19th June ….. that’s a good idea

National Kissing Day – 22nd June

National Fried Chicken Day – 6th July

World Emoji Day – 17th July

National Hammock Day – 22nd July

National Avocado Day – 31st July

Spider-Man Day – 1st August

National Sponge Cake Day – 23rd August

You get the picture.

So it got the two of us thinking about what days we would introduce. Some of these might already exist but that would confirm many things in my mind. The really astute of you might be able to work out who came up with some of these ideas.

21st June Trim my beard day – as it’s National Kissing Day on the 22nd

23rd June What was the point of a trimming my beard day – as it’s the day after National Kissing Day

National bring your Pokemon to Work Day

National let Newcastle United win a Trophy Day

Go to the Supermarket dressed as Ironman Day.

International Hug a Nettle Day

International Captain Scarlet Day

National Let a Pet run your country day

International Sing Like Alvin the Chipmunks Day

Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower Purge Day

National only eat Tomato Ketchup Day

International Loki Day

National Take your Gerbils to a Toilet Roll Factory Day

International Burn Your Socks Day

The International don’t cut your grass YEAR

International Act like a Superhero or Galactic Villain Day.

National Don’t Get Lost Day

International Smurf Day

National Take photos of pretty yellow flowers while accidentally standing in dog poo Day

National Take Ozzy Osbourne for a Pizza Day

National Take Ozzy Osbourne to the Alamo Day … you might get arrested with this one

International Your Dog doesn’t dig your garden up Day

National Dress up like Inspector Gadget Day

National Pamper a Mole Day so he doesn’t dig up your garden day

Admit you don’t like rhubarb and you live in Yorkshire Day

95 thoughts on “We need more silly days

      1. On a funny note, they started doing work on our building. My down the hall neighbor got a mouse and to say she freaked out is an understatement. She brought our neighbors cat in. It did not go well…..

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  1. Aw, these were great – not so sure about Hug a Nettle Day though (but perhaps the nettles in your neck of the woods aren’t as prickly as the nettles I’ve known. Had quite a chuckle over National Take photos of pretty yellow flowers while accidentally standing in dog poo Day

    By the way I hug my cat a lot – she seems to like it, honestly. Ok that’s it I’m done hahahaha

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  2. I feel deeply honored, and hope you follow through on your day.

    On a related note, we bought a discounted calendar in February that has all the ‘official’ holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day and French Fries Day. My kids love looking at it in the morning. It’s been a bit inaccurate (or iHop changed their schedule after Pancake Day got printed) but fun.

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  3. Let your pet run the country? Couldn’t do any worse than the recent muppets! Let Newcastle United win a trophy? Well, given who has just bought the club with some petty cash, that might just happen.

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  4. Your primroses photo is truly beautiful – nice work! πŸ™‚

    National take your cat to work day??? If there is not a reciprocal National take your dog to work day then i AM going to be leaving this planet in the very near future in protest.
    (bye the bye… i would not recommend You ‘celebrate’ either one – you’re in quite enough trouble already and who needs more lawsuits, really??)

    I’m pretty sure i can get 25/25 for who suggested which, (all of which were great!) but i hope that National take a photo of a pretty yellow flower… day does not mean what i’m thinking it means?

    As for the days… which nation are we talking about anyway?

    I’d suggest (but i’m certain it’s already a thing in at least one country, without actually checking): National be a Muppet day! πŸ™‚

    I wonder how many got the Ozzie/Alamo reference do you think?

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  5. Sooooo funny Gary. How about a No stealing pants and socks Day? And a No Burning the Din er Day. And a National Clean the Car Day.

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  6. Personally I think it’s a ground to have your citizenship revoked, admitting to not liking rhubarb – not just a grim-up-North thing. *sadly contemplates fallen standards, lack of fibre in bread, etc… what about a national trains run on time day or is that too hypothetical?

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  7. How to separate the two of you? You are both capable of any of them – however I’d plump fo this one being son’s: ‘National Take photos of pretty yellow flowers while accidentally standing in dog poo Day’

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      1. It was amazing what someone had designated each day as – such as a “National Wash yer socks day”! “Love your dog, but not the cat’ day. etc

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  8. Found out too late that Saturday the 25th was World Towel Day on which you are supposed to carry your towel with you everywhere as all real Froods do in honour of Douglas Adams!
    (Mark it down on your 2020 calendar you don’t forget!) πŸ˜‰

    Also, you marked May 8 as World Red Cross day (a noble cause) but did you, and more importantly, your son realise it is also No Socks Day?:

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