Dad how far can you see from here”

Well from sea level it’s probably about 13 miles, but it’s misty.

Yes with the curvature of the earth, thats about right. But we are on a hill”

Maybe about 20 miles.

The answer is Dad ….. close your eyes then you can see as far as you like.

I’m going to be dammed if I am going to let the education system grind the dreams out of him.

55 thoughts on “How far

  1. It has already for so very many of us as kids.

    Some never fully recover. 😦

    I have a feeling he is a survivor! A fighter!

    Something he gets from his dad! 😉

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  2. Children have incredible insight when we take the time to listen
    My grand daughter commented recently – When I listen to my brother I feel like him. When I listen to my papa I feel like him… And the list went on.
    A 2 year old reflecting on connecting and identifying with other people.

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