Sometimes a damp walk in the forest is just perfect, just fits your mood. It’s been a kinda tired day, kinda sad grieving day, kinda lonely day, kinda frustrating day. Nothing is specifically wrong yet nothing is specifically right. Following on from yesterday’s post it would read 30th May – National Feels like one of those Days. Not sure which way it will go. Towards the light or towards the dark. We all get these days. Maybe we should rename it already- International We all get these days which kinda sucks Day.

But we move on. Make the best of things.

Breathe in nature. Touch the damp foliage. Talk about dreams and fantasy worlds. Make our way back home. Football in the garden. Hot Chocolate and Coffee. Popcorn. An Avengers Movie (maybe two). Eventually you make it through the day unscathed. Hopefully dream filled sleep will usher in another day. A better day. A happier day. Shall we call it the International We are all going to have a good Day. We all deserve that.

56 thoughts on “Kinda Day

  1. ❤ I have had those days…when I am all wrapped up in my water-proofs walking in the rain…which means you can cry without anyone noticing.

    I focus on all the good days – like International Kissing Day – helps to forget the sad bad mad days 🙂

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      1. I used to rely upon the comeback that my bald spot was a ‘Solar panel for a sex machine’, but seriously, just who the heck did i think i was fooling????

        Australia is a land of Droughts – my personal one is 25 years long. 😢

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      2. Sorry – i was forgetting you need actual Sun to know what solar panels are for. More than 20% of Perth households rely upon photovoltaics for their home electricity and more than 50% have solar hot water! We only pay to heat our water in 3-4 months of the year.

        Maybe you will grow feathers??? 😉

        Or fins?

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  2. Some years ago, a friend advised me to begin the day by sinking my heart into Nature first thing in the morning. For some reason, that advice (unlike many others) tugged at me. I have diligently followed it since.

    Strangely, although I had hoped and expected to feel what many feel when they breathe in a beautiful morning, this new morning ritual didn’t distinctly lift me. I didn’t get to the proverbial 7th heaven, my heart didn’t skip for the rest of the day (probably a good thing too). I just felt… okay.

    But… when I skipped the ritual….. boy, did I feel it! Crabby, blue, bad decisions, one mess after another.

    There’s a strange healing to be found in Nature. Damp forests, blooms in a neighbour’s garden, the song of birds, whispers of the winds – each holds a secret elixir to lift and strengthen spirits.

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      1. I just stand at my window and sniff in the garden, look at the skies. A little later, just before the school runs, when sunrise is deepening, I sometimes go sit in my garden or stand at my gate and look up at the skies for a bit. It’s a scant 2-3 minutes but it’s worth a lot of gold.

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