Currently we have 11 very wise sages (now 12) who want to be our new Prime Minister. Aptly my spell checker wants to change wise sages to sausages. Apart from Brexit what do they offer. No idea. All they talk about is Brexit. They play a game. Remember that guessing game. I will name that song in 10 seconds. Well I will name it in 9 seconds. I can name it in 8 seconds…. Well they are doing that with Brexit. I can get us out by December. Well I will get us out by November. Boris will get us out be October… Apart from Brexit we don’t hear much else. The chap who looks after the police for months he has been saying rising crime levels has nothing to do with resource cuts … well now if he becomes PM apparently he will give them more money because crime levels are rising. Figure that one out.

Anyway we don’t get a say in the new Prime Minister. Why should we, we only live here and pay our taxes. Basically the 330 Conservative MPs (the ones who have demonstrated a complete lack of any idea how to get us out of this mess) get the first go. If they can’t do something resembling Julius Caesar and his last night comeuppance then we go to stage 2. The 120000 Conservative Party Members then get a vote. So bugger the other 69,804,206 good people. So while the lucky few indulge themselves the rest of us watch the country fall apart.

My child is autistic. He wants to be like the other kids. He wants to go to school to learn. A Mainstream School is the best place for him to do that. But to do that he needs some additional support. Not asking for the world just a bit more support here and there. But the government and the council have cut the Special Needs Funding. We have been waiting 2 years to see a specialist. Our school won’t offer him a place. The council has cut his transport service. He’s been at home for months and now I’m told the only two options are a special school miles away or no schooling at all.

Not me another parent on the radio at the weekend. Over 1 million kids in England have some form of Special Educational Need. Yet Government policy is to ignore them. Assign them to the scrap heap. See them as an easy budget savings target. To focus on our son for a few seconds

  • Dyslexia Support – none
  • Aspergers Educational Support – some additional funding secured but this has to be used to pay for some additional non teaching support for the whole school and not tailored to his needs
  • Aspergers Health Support – did secure access to counselling support but due to cut backs he is now seen as a low priority and that support has dried up
  • Bereavement support – a couple of pamphlets and still on the waiting list – that’s coming up for 3 years now

The government principle appears to be it’s not a problem for the us, it’s not our job, it’s the parents job so just own it. So while the lucky few get to play a fun Machiavellian lets pick a leader game – Rome Burns for many. When we get a new leader – nothing will change. We might even pour some more petrol on the flames.

I really don’t know what the answer is. I don’t see things changing for the better. For the rest of our sons school years it is going to be a constant struggle. We will have to do our best and see what happens. Fighting our case. Trying to make our voices heard. Keeping our eyes on our so called leaders.

Maybe it’s time for the Gerbils to Assemble.

62 thoughts on “I’ve got my eye on you

  1. Put the gerbils in power. They coukdn’t do much worse. It’s a very sad tale Gary and I am very sorry. Your son is grand and deserves the best. Plus he has been through so much anyway without adding to his struggle. Hugs Gary xxx

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  2. The sausages deserve to have a fire lit under them – what use is a raw sausage??? 😉

    Your Minister for Police is the archetypal example of a politician – divert blame for your failure, promise anything that will gain you public approval and therefore votes and therefore a well-paid and privileged position in power.

    Most people in Western ‘Democracy’s’ really do not understand the way our voting system works – they do not really get the concept of voting for a party versus voting for someone who represents what YOU want. They think they are voting to put a person they ‘prefer’ (when they never would have chosen that person to be a party leader in the first place! – that is always taken out of our hands) in charge when in fact it is the few powerbrokers in a particular party who are really in charge of running the country and they are the ones who decide who to put up as a puppet leader for the people to ‘vote’ for (as well as to take the blame when it all goes tits up! ‘Bye Theresa!)

    I fear you will never ‘win’ in your fight against these self-centred idiots… unless you join forces with some of the parents of these other 1,000,000 kids in your country and unite to fight them together!

    Maybe you need to start a web-page and seek some crowd funding?? 🙂

    And put the gerbils up as your leader so lots of people will vote for and give support to you cos they all like cute little furries and they can gather the numbers you need to be heard and then be dumped easily if they fail the first time!

    Use the system to fight the system!!

    Good Luck, Gonzo! (- The Magnificent Ft Mr Crimble).


      1. It has been made very obvious to anyone who follows Australian Politics – which is strongly based upon your ‘Westminister system’, system being the operative word!

        Sadly the majority are led to believe it’s all about who THEY vote for when it is anything but.

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      2. I would have said the System has always been consistently ‘modified’ to fit it’s real purpose while appearing to have a completely different one to the general public!

        Times change but the underlying principles rarely do.

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  3. It is a grave situation you describe and it is replicated in most Government departments. What you describe are the effects of austerity (an ideological choice the Tories made). The environment has been similarly impacted by huge cuts in government spending for example Natural England 50% cuts in five years.

    If we have a no deal Brexit, the likelihood is for ‘short term’ disruption, which would probably continue and strengthen cuts for five years or more. This is something Brexiteers offer as a throw away statement because long term things will be better. Oh yeah? How? What evidence do they have? Bunch of self-serving numpties.

    I think we must hope for and vote for change whenever we get the chance, while preparing for the worst.

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    1. It was like the last NHS reorganisation the Tories did. The NHS had problems but was actually starting to deliver real improvements, it was doing ok. But they deliberately start to crash it, then said it was broken and needed fixing. All a smokescreen to start to break it up making it easier to privatisation.

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      1. It is scandalous. I really struggle with this ferocious pursuit of capitalism, profit and growth. A charter for the selfish, win at all costs type of people.

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  4. When I read things like this I thank God I’ve moved to France where your son would have all the support he needs, and more! However, I do appreciate that’s scant consolation for this appalling situation.

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  5. There’s not much to like about politics in this country, is there? I’m trying to think of a counselling solution for you – depends if you feel you could pay something towards the charity that would offer it.

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  6. Our politics suck, and our politicians no more than suction pumps of 5 h ! t
    Time for change, but who? There is no-one in any existing party that shows any backbone to get us out. Shame Guy Fawkes failed. Has he got any relatives???????

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  7. Sorry you are still having such a hard time with educational support for your son. What a mess the UK seems to be in. Sounds just like the US these days 😏 By the way, I just got my British passport renewed and obviously it is no longer an EU passport but it’s still burgundy. Woop de doo! Yes, what a mess.

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  8. Having a child with extra needs is so exhausting, it seems like life is a constant battle and when you think you might have got somewhere something else crops up. It shouldnt be so hard. I often wonder where my son would be if i hadnt been a parent who didnt give up. Keep striving!

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    1. Thank you so much oh great one. Unbelievably because are next PM could be the worlds biggest self serving buffoon (that goes some these days) or a man you tried to destroy the NHS (loathed by health professionals) – it’s going to get worse. Hope you are ok. xxxxxxx

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