So did we spend the day under a tree or was son sat at his school desk?


After much soul searching and reality checking son went out at 8am to catch the school bus. He was certainly tired. With the school worries he hardly slept at all. Again not a great way to start an enriching learning day.

After drinking two of the darkest, meanest and strongest coffees ever conjured up I was almost ready to roll. A quick hoover and set a washing load off. This week our possessed washing machine is only washing on the delicates setting. The delicate setting and arc welded grass stains are not a great combo. Anyway its time to pile into work and immediately…. the phone rings …. school.

Your son has had a little accident in his first lesson. We have ice packed his thumb and wrist but it’s badly swollen. Can you come and pick him up. Probably need to take him to the hospital.

It never ends. It really never ends.

An hour later we are sat in the hospital. Given the amount of broken bodies and unhappy souls in the waiting room it appears the Hulk has paid a visit to our local town this morning – and clearly he was in a mood to smash. Yesterday’s dream of spending the day under a tree transpired to be 4 hours in a clearly overstretched hospital.

Now we are home with hopefully no bones broken this time but with ligament damage to his hand. Hopefully it’s just a few weeks of painkillers and ice packs. At last we have a use for that packet of frozen French Beans.

So we start again. A painful hand. Worries of tomorrow’s potential school day already kicking in. Need to revise for an end of year test.

Yet son secretly hoping swelling IS TOO BAD for school tomorrow. Dreamy thoughts about that tree. Bugger the revision let him watch Marvel.

If we had only just opted to sit under the tree this morning….

65 thoughts on “Tree or not to be

  1. “Bugger the revision let him watch Marvel”

    Good man 🙂

    If it’s any consolation we used to spend forever in A&E or Minor Injuries with Sam. He once had three trips to A&E in one week and we saw the same staff each time I was getting paranoid and thinking they were gonna report us for the excessive injuries that lad kept rocking up with.

    Imagined them having a full MDT meeting and going “How can that child have had the same accidents – same head injury three times within a week?”

    That said no childhood is complete without a little tour of A&E, a plaster cast or pair of crutches. At least I don’t think so anyway.

    On a different note I feel for you both being under such stress and worrying about school. It was one of the main reasons we ended up keeping Sam out of secondary and homeschooling him instead the stress kids are put under is absurd 😦

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      1. No one of my brothers holds the world record I’m sure. In one week during the summer hols he managed four trips in an ambulance and was taken in someone’s Dad’s car the fifth.

        Mum used to go absolutely off her rocker – said she dreaded turning off to come up our road after work because of the high possibility there’d be an ambulance parked outside ours. I did a lot of falling off horses too she used to do her fruit and yell “ACCY VIC HAS MORE PICTURES OF YOUR HEAD THAN OUR FAMILY ALBUM!!!”

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  2. You might think the universe was trying to tell you something…
    (My friend had repeated injuries at work until she finally left, afterwards she thought they might have been signs or nudges from the universe.)
    Sorry about his injury and hope he soon feels better.
    Also hope you can find a solution.

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  3. My daughter only got 2 hours sleep, as her daughter didn’t want to go back to school today. The school explained about her exam today, and showed her were to go, but who knows if she will find it. So sorry for you, and all the other parents ❤

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  4. So sorry for your son’s injury and pain. And for your work disruption.

    I hope you put the 4 hour wait to good use and are 80% of the way through the first gerbil Marvel movie script by now?? 🙂

    Have the Toblerone arrived yet??

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  5. I think accidents are warnings to pay attention. Let your son have a couple of days at home (if possible). It always takes three days for the worst of swelling to come down. Trees are great healers, but you’ll have to do your sitting under it between the raindrops.
    Perhaps have a tryout at helping your son work from his school books (can’t be a complete holiday, or he will never want to go back). It will give you an idea of how to gently discipline him through home schooling.
    I hope he recovers quickly… How did it happen?

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  6. a nice play on Hamlet’s famous lines; sometimes things just don’t work out. I know how your son feels about the happy prospects of missing school because of a medical problem; I too have felt like that at times and I was the teacher 🙂


  7. WHAT HAPPENED?! Granted, anything crazy can happen at school. Biff and Bash have both come home with wacky bruises, and I only find out later it’s from a fall of the playground equip. But it’d be nice if kids could go to school without a set of limb casts in the car trunk just in case…

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    1. To be fair to school this time it sounds like just one of those accidents when you get lots of bodies in a small place. I bet you have had more calls than me. The best call we had was from his last school “Hello. Don’t worry your son is ok. He is sat in the school office. He got hit in the head with a piece of the school roof.”

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