Before our son was born we loved to visit the Loire Valley in central France. A lovely part of the world. Hot (but not too hot), fabulous wine, fine food, fascinating history and many glorious chateaux. Plus the French Grand Prix at Magny Cours was close enough to justify a visit – managed to convince her just once….

Usually we would drive from a Yorkshire. Only way we could get the shed load of wines back. Partner didn’t like driving in France. It’s not easy as we drive on the other side of the road…. So partner would navigate and I would drive. A perfect combination except for one small detail.

I struggle with LEFTS and RIGHTS….

My partner got seriously cheesed off with repeated “I said the LEFT turn, why have you gone right”.

So we devised the perfect solution. We would put my toy Muttley on the left side of the dashboard and on the other side we put a toy Bagpuss. Then instead of saying ‘turn left’ my partner would simple say “turn to Muttley”. Absolutely foul proof, it was even me proof. You don’t get that sort of quality motoring advice from The Grand Tour and Top Gear…..

Thanks Muttley and Bagpuss. You saved our relationship.

54 thoughts on “Muttley

  1. Heh heh … a couple of years ago, I was teaching my neighbor Maha, a recent refugee from Syria, how to drive. She, also, got left and right mixed up and we often ended up somewhere quite different than we had originally intended. I like your creative solution!

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  2. I don’t have trouble with left or right but God help you if you tell me to drive North, South, East or West. I have no sense of direction whatsoever…hmmm I wonder if your solution would work for me? But I’d need four direction finders. LOL

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  3. And I thought I was the only one with the left right problem🤣🤣🤣. My solution when hubs is driving is to wave my hand to indicate.
    And in the process, knock off his sunglasses, take his nose off, whack his eye.

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    1. PS, you will cringe when you learn that my husband once received special full weekend tickets to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. A few minutes trackside by the race teams, on the Friday, bored him silly (and made him deaf) , so he walked out with his then partner. He handed the privileged tickets to a parking attendent, saying, “here, you have them, I’m going home. ‘ The parking attendant was incredulous.

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  4. Muttley was my favourite in the Whacky Races… i could do a pretty good Muttley impression – even the laugh! 🙂

    Great solution – now i see where your son gets his smarts! 🙂

    By the way – my comments don’t show when i’m logged in as normal! – but this comment shows because i logged out andchanged my log in for this comment and the one previously. Could they be going to ‘spam’??

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  5. Lol Gary. My hubby often does not know his left from his right, and he is telling me whuch way to steer in my power chair and it all goes wrong! Ha!

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