Now that is a serious location for a hotel. One day hopefully we will stay there. Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland. It means minor watershed and stands at 2060m. You get the deepest blue skies here. But when the weather closes in it is magnificent and moody – almost sinister. So many climbers have been taken from us here. You can only get here via the cog railway or by foot. The Hotel is where the Clint Eastwood movie The Eiger Sanction was filmed. Can you believe the movie is now 44 years old. 1975….

1975 that’s the year

  • Home Video tape systems are developed
  • Vietnam War ends
  • Iron Maiden was formed
  • The first portable mobile phone was patented
  • Microsoft was founded
  • First disposable razor was launched

And Britain had been in the European Union for just two years. How times change.

What is reassuring is that in all those years of change this Swiss View will not have changed in the slightest. Hopefully it never will.

33 thoughts on “Eiger Sanction

  1. I can believe it – I was sweet 16 at the time! 😉

    I still have not heard back from the Swiss Tourism Board about your Toblerone deal, i may need to give them a gee-up?

    Or am I being too Eeger?? 😉

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  2. I was just reading up on that movie. I came out when I was eight. Eiger means ‘ogre’ with the north face nicknamed mordwand or ‘murder wall’. A 26 year old British climber died during filming and Eastwood did all of his own stunts. Others were injured.

    My, what an interesting year…

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