Following on from this mornings Downsizing Post I had a few really nice direct messages. I had one asking if the above Chateau was mine. Can I just re-stress (certainly for tax purposes) that it isn’t mine. I have visited here twice.

I also had a couple of messages asking for the name of the Chateau. Sorry I didn’t include this in the original post.

It is Château de Chambord.

It’s a truly astonishing place, almost trapped in time. Got some great memories here so I will revisit Chambord soon. But here’s a little taster. Our bungalow has no stairs and at a push has 8 rooms. Château de Chambord has 440 rooms and 84 staircases.

51 thoughts on “Downsizing a bit more

  1. Frankly, my friend, I would rather have your bungalow than that chateau. I have 5 rooms, not counting the 3 bathrooms, 1190 square feet, and while I wish I had one more room mostly just to stow junk, it is enough to try to keep clean.

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