I’m still thinking about a new hobby. Maybe I should try poetry. As son says ‘more time spent writing poems means less time to burn things in the kitchen’. Any way I’m going to have another go at Chelsea Owens weekly terrible poetry competition.


Here are the specifics for this week:

  1. The Topic is a repeated number. Pick a number, any number, and use it a lot throughout your poem.
    Besides children singing pop songs, I loathe when I have to sit through everyone using the same prompt word for 500 entries. So, irritate me.
  2. Keep the Length shorter than 150 words, so I don’t jump out any windows.
  3. Please Rhyme in terribly, horribly, no-good, very bad ways.
  4. If you can’t tell already, make it terrible. I want crazy people to look at you in fear and for the survivors of Lostto beg you not to repeat that same number again…
  5. Keep things PG or cleaner; there’s no need for crude numerals.


Again I am hampered with the PG rating. Maybe I should pick a subject which doesn’t make my blood boil. Maybe it’s Gerbils next week. Well it’s a blood boiler this week. It’s the fiasco which is called the UK Government and the ongoing new PM selection process – that’s the one that doesn’t involve the general public.


Two years for Brexit

Two years and still no exit

Two Prime Minister candidates left

Two Blokes from the right

Two Privileged Backgrounds

Two supporters of hunting with Foxhounds

Two so called men of the people

Two big personalities who loath the townspeople

Two prize A buffoons

Two politicians so easy to lampoon

Two conservatives who love the tycoon

Two elitists who exist for the silver spoon

Two visions which only bring despair and gloom

Two numpties living in a policy vacuum

Two muppets who are so out of tune

Sadly one to be PM in June.

55 thoughts on “Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. I always wait till Friday to actually read the poems -you know, unjudgementally- but I’m also a quick reader and noticed you may have a theme going on for your poems. 😀

    I may have to bite the bullet and just hand you Brexit as a theme for next week.

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  2. …or maybe in July even?? 😉

    The outcome is terrible (times two!) – the poem was really rather good, i thought.

    But that’s just an opinion, what actual weight it holds is up for debate! 🙂

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  3. Boris and Jeremy
    Which one is best?
    One neat and tidy,
    One quite a mess!
    At least it’s not Gove
    Who gave it his best
    He who snorts funny stuff
    And all the rest!
    The circus continues
    With one against t’ other
    One of them a clown
    Who was his mother!
    Jeremy and Boris
    It has come down to this!
    Let’s leave the circus,
    Brexit’s in bits.

    Just had to continue your great poem. Such talent needs you to develop it. 😍

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      1. Poetry demands a certain concentration.even for short–especially for short—poems. Do you think your son is being treated at less than his full potential—or you? Frankly, I had to pursue it largely on my own….like you are doing now.

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