Million’s of years of evolution, survival of the fittest and we get to this. I’m not sure how I would describe this. Hairy, messy, scruffy, bizarre, bouffant, lazy, crazy wig, fur ball explosion.

Clearly he is taking his guard dog duties seriously. Like a coiled spring primed to leap into action.

But even when he is comatosed he makes you smile. Makes you forget how crap life is some days. And another key point. I can guarantee that when he does return to our world then his eyes will open and that tail will go into hyper action. Unconditional love – maybe just for his toy crocodile but it’s still love. But given that seriously geared up tail no wonder Muttley could fly.

So you return with the physio’s words ringing in your ear

I’m not so saying never again but just don’t expect to be running anytime soon.

That’s feels like another kick in the nether regions. Yet within a few seconds a hairy bundle of smelly dogness has managed to banish those thoughts. When you look around you can find stuff that makes you smile and makes you feel alive again. Keep looking and you just might find that Hulk Buster Suit.

Thank goodness for pets….

61 thoughts on “What is it

  1. Make it an act of conscious will to look for those things that cheer you up and you might be surprised at just how many of them you find – even when (and where) you don’t expect them.

    Try not to look too often at politicians though – that’s just asking for trouble, with a capital P! 🙂

    As for the running – Tai Chi – that’ll fix you up fast! Good as new! (well, fifty something maybe?)🤪

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  2. Dogs are a bit like Guardian Angels… Seemingly doing nothing but hanging around. But they are right there when you most need them to give you a bit of encouragement. 😊
    Wish I had a dog sometimes. They always love you, no matter what. ❤️

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  3. I hear you. We dubbed this the ‘Pure Bliss’ position, totally relaxed and comfortable with his lot. I can’t imagine myself without a dog……………. the dog hairs in the bed, taking her out for regular walks (currently practically every two hours during the day! She’s got me well trained!), treading on half eaten biscuits and chews, fruity farts etc etc

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  4. Yes, thank God for our pets. They give us pure, innocent, unconditional love. All they want is to please us and be with us. We,as humans, could take a lesson or two from these precious blessings in our lives.

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