Not often am I speechless. But walking along a centuries old wooden structure trying to work out if I should look at the glorious Swiss mountains, or if I should look at the beautiful city architecture, or the beautiful alpine river, or the stunning historical artwork or just look at one of the worlds greatest bridges.

Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) is a glorious wooden bridge which runs over the river in Lucerne. The bridge was erected in 1365. It is the oldest surviving Truss Bridge in the world. In 1993 a devastating fire struck the bridge almost destroying it. Before the fire 147 of the original 17th century paintings were on display in the bridge. After the fire only 30 could be saved. But the bridge was restored to its former glory and reopened a year later.

Frustration today. I came across these photos which jogged so many wonderful memories. But I can’t find the photos of the bridge interior or the family enjoying the experience. Particularly poignant as only 2 of the party of 4 are still here today. Almost like the bridges artwork. But the search continues. Kapellbrücke should be on any bucket list of things you need to see before you …..

65 thoughts on “Kapellbrücke

  1. Beautiful – hope you find the missing photographs, I know how much they mean (at least I think I do, I was almost in tears when I couldn’t find a treasured photo of a loved one. Thankfully after hunting for a long time I did eventually come across it).

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  2. Yaayyy for Swiss Sunday! 🙂

    I’d never previously heard of Kappelbrucke – it looks awesome. Thank you for improving my knowledge, Good Sir.

    I’m sure you would not have thrown the photo’s out, they are simply hiding someplace and they will return to view if you hold them in your mind for a little while then relax and feel confident they will show up!

    Have a Toblerone if it makes you feel better! 🙂

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  3. Hey, you will find them! It’s amazing how photos get mingled and mixed in all the wrong ways. Bo finally found my photos from my schooling days in County Cork, only a bunch are still missing, the bunch I had set aside for scrapbooking with the legend saying what was what. So frustrating, but NOT worth that negative energy, you know? Focus on the good. xxxxx

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