I have been racking my brain for something to get my teeth into. I’m am trying out a number of Hobby options over the next few weeks but I have given the green light to one little project. A world tour.

How far can I get round the world on my exercise bike and on my dog walks. The miles (Km) will be recorded via my helpful bike computer and my mobile phone. Don’t laugh but will be using Pokemon Go to record the walking – might as well catch a few Pokemon as we go. Luckily for this project my exercise bike will have off road capabilities and will be able to traverse rivers. It might even be able to fly. Basically it allows me to cheat on the logistics sometimes. This project also has a big positive – it’s something I can do when our son is off school during the holidays

I’m not sure how far I’m going to get. Depends on my battered body, on my second hand and equally battered exercise bike, my dedication levels and how much my buttocks can take (not much padding on the seat).

Anyway let’s crack on.

Thanks to the bike and Pokemon Go we can check back over the last 2 weeks.


Week 1 … 75km

Week 2 … 100km


Week 1 … 24km

Week 2 … 35km

Where shall we start from. Let’s say York Minster. Dating from the 7th century it is one of the worlds most renowned cathedrals.

So after 2 weeks I’m getting off the bike in Peterborough. A city known for its 12th century cathedral.

Then it’s on foot to Cambridge. The famous university was founded in 1209.

So we set off again tomorrow and head towards the English Channel. Shouldn’t take too long as Kevin Costner when he was Robin Hood managed a similar distance on foot. “Tonight we will dine with my father” having just landed in Sussex. You do know it’s 200 miles old boy….

86 thoughts on “A creaky world tour

  1. Brilliant! 🙂 Really like this!

    Can you imagine what Peterborough Cathedral would’ve looked like to farmers and peasants in the 1100’s?? The tallest thing they’d generally see would be a big tree! Those spires would look like they were reaching up to Heaven. ( Very sneaky of the Roman C. )

    Mind how you go catching Pokemon… no walking in front of oncoming tractors, or cars! 😉

    If you make it all the way down to Oz see if you can stop by for a coffee… or something a little stronger perhaps? 🙂

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  2. Enjoy the trip… yes, I’m not gonna burden you with the “journey” tag…
    Anyway… I like your idea… so, as I don’t have or will ever get, an exercise or real bicycle, I’ll have to begin adding my walking distances…
    Maybe I’ll manage to crawl to the pub once a week… 😉 … but then, that could be fun… crawling from pub to pub…
    OK – firstly let me apologise for only chatting now… secondly, thanks for following OMBH… I do hope you get a smile or three when you call around! 🙂

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  3. Also, BTW, though you turned off comments on Part 3, I want to give a shoutout of my own to Lille- greeted there by a beautiful young lady and lovely, walkable downtown-complete with ancient gates.


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