It’s time for Chelsea Owens Terrible Poetry Contest.

They really are great fun. It’s nice to do stuff well outside your comfort zone. AND it helps distract you from today’s worries.

Topic: Unusual ways to make money.
(No, prostitution is not that unusual. Thanks, Certain-Regulars-Who-Know-Who-You-Are, for wondering.)

Keep the Length as short or long as your muse needs, with an upper limit of 250 words. If you want to Rhyme, go ahead. If not, I won’t stop you either. As always, playing with rhymes is a great way to screw up a potentially lovely poem.Most of all, make it terrible! Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and even the POTUS himself need to take a full five seconds of their precious time to stop, look at you, and shake their head in disbelief. Rating? PG or nicer, as usual. You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (July 12) to submit a poem.


Rupert likes to make shed loads of money.

Not bad for a lad who comes from a land which is so sunny

A man who set up his own news corporation

Who still had time to build a TV station

Making so much dosh he thinks he owns your nation

So how does our Rupert make his cash

Promoting fake stories with panache

Filling his TV channels with balderdash

Getting you to watch TV shows filled with advert trash

Rupert also likes to control the news

He wants you to sign up to this perverted views

Making sure his political buddies get friendly interviews

His opponents suffer as fake news spews

34 thoughts on “Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

      1. It’s good! I am trying to increase the mileage a little this month which makes some runs a bit harder. I have weird yearly mileage goals and last month with vacation I was 20 miles off my monthly goal – so I am trying to pick them up. But overall, the good days are really good! Have you found an activity to try? Did yoga ever pan out for you?


      2. Have you any races coming up. The biking world tour is a start. Going to hopefully try jogs again first thing in the morning over the summer holidays. I’m clinging to the hope that the enforced no run summer (runs are not really an option with our son off) may help heal the body enough to start a bit of running again in September. Do miss it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not until September. I always register for this one in September because it is cheap – but it is usually so humid that I hate the race. I don’t run outside in the summer. I can’t breathe in the humidity. I hope you feel better soon and heal so you can enjoy a run 🙂


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