Kissing is something which died when the world changed. Well anyway for me. But Sunday Night Kissing is still just about possible.

Last night we went to see Kiss perform their last ever English concert.

It was loud. It was cartoon like. It was larger than life. It was ridiculously full of explosions. It was Rock and Entertainment at its best.

Unbelievably I noticed a young chap stand up without prompting, start dancing, shouting, singing and clapping. That’s a first. Thankfully he has more rhythm than his Dad.

I have to say music has been a lifesaver. It’s always been the one constant. It wasn’t embarrassed when I struggled with depression. It didn’t turn its back on me when death came calling in 2016. And it didn’t batter an eyelid when Autism came a calling.

Yes Kissing is a memory. No more Kiss concerts for us. But we have precious memories.

Music is an unwavering friend who has embraced our son. Thank you Kiss. Thank you Rock. Thank you Music.

46 thoughts on “Sunday night Kissing

  1. This was so touching to read. My husband & I went to several KISS concerts back in the day. I can’t get myself to even listen to them anymore because it sets off the waterworks remembering how he loved that band so very much. We had great times at those concerts, and I’ll always have those memories… But, I simply can’t listen to their songs anymore.

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  2. Awwww … how wonderful!!! I nearly cried when you said you “noticed a young chap stand up”, and I knew it had to be your son, and I felt tears coming. Personally, I cannot listen to KISS, but I am so thrilled that you and your son went and had such a great time!

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  3. You’ve taught him well… how to be himself while still connecting well to his ‘old man’ (and no doubt a little to his Mum also) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Not denying that life can be a bit shit sometimes and in several ways, but then there are these moments and you know you can make it through the rough stuff.

    Hope you both Rock and Rolled all night long!

    Did you try the marshmallows??? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I have to say music has been a lifesaver. <—for me too. Jump in my car and you get a private concert from me. It's kept me sane. It will be 3 years on Monday. Memories are coming back of his last weeks. They are leaking out my eyes….

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      1. I think it will always be raw. Nick and I had a love story like some people dream of. We had our good and bad but through it all, we LOVED. Even when he pissed me off so much I kicked him out for 6 weeks. LOVE will get you through so many things.

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  5. Wonderful post Gary. Not really a fan of heavy rock or Kiss, but I know first hand how important music can be. It has seen me through a lot. So glad your son enjoyed the concert and confident to be himself. Wish I’d been a fly on the wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

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