Not a sight you expect at 7.30am when you go to see what the dog is barking at. Makes a change not being the main source of hot air in the village.

The school holidays have officially started and it’s raining. Happy Days. Still rain means more movie time.

Last Saturday we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Call us both Philistines but we preferred this to any of the Harry Potter movies. I never really warmed to Harry Potter – often thought the movie series would have been improved without him. Is it bad that I found myself siding with whoever was fighting against him. My version would have seen him bumped off quickly then Hermione, Ron and Neville taking the good fight forward through the rest of the franchise. That’s probably explains why J K is super rich and I’m not…..

Anyway I really warmed to the main wizard in Fantastic Beasts. Way more interesting. Son also really liked him. After about 10 minutes of the movie son said

Well I think Newt has Aspergers. The way he stands, minimises his eye contact and talks is so Aspergers. He clearly finds the human world alien and has really special interests.

Later he said

I like the way the film doesn’t hide it or make a big issue of it. He is clearly the most normal character in the whole film. He is just nice.

I have to say the thought had already crossed my mind. Later I checked and although JK hasn’t referred to it Newts actor has basically confirmed this. If that was the intention it was handled brilliantly. Aspergers does not have to mean Arrogance. Aspergers does not have to always involve belittling others. It does not have to be about being Patronising or speaking in a condescending way. It was also definitely refreshing NOT to have the Aspergers person portrayed as the Sociopath.

56 thoughts on “Hot Air

  1. Hello bereavedsingledad. It is grand your son could see and identify with a major character hero in a move that has some of the same traits he has. It is a good way to educate those who may not understand or be exposed to Aspergers. Hugs

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  2. I liked the Harry Potter books, but haven’t seen the movies … now I know I haven’t missed anything! It’s encouraging to hear that a character was portrayed with Asperger’s and it was handled with dignity and respect! And not at all surprising that your son recognized it, where others may not. Hope your rain stops soon, but look on the bright side … at least it isn’t 100ยฐ (F) there, as it is here. ๐Ÿ˜“

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  3. Have not seen a single HP movie (or book), have not seen any of the Fantastic Creatures either.

    I now intend to change the latter fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So… if the dog woke you at 7:30 does that mean the breathing worked?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Neville’s one of my favorite characters! I loved watching him grow in the stories. I wish Rowling would have halted work on that dumb Cursed Child play and instead had written the story of what Hogwarts was like while Harry Potter and Co. were off finding the horcruxes in the 7th book. It’d have been so cool watching Neville lead the student underground rebellion! xxxxxx

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    1. Neville like Newt are the most human characters in the stories. Neville was so under used. In stories you need characters who you get and start rooting for. Thatโ€™s why I struggled with HP I often found myself not rooting for Potter. Plus Gerbils criminally underused. A gerbil wizard is a winner. xxxxxx

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      1. LMAO! Yes, animal wizards! There is a series, actually…Mouseheart. You two may dig it!

        And yeah, for all of Rowling’s superfluous mucking about on Pottermore, I think there’d be some genuine love for learning more about Neville. I mean, that kid had it HARD: parents tortured to insanity, lived with a pretty domineering (loving, but domineering) gma, always shoved aside or underestimated. Luna Lovegood has a wonderful backstory worth exploring, too….
        But then, maybe too much exploring from Rowling could mean taking the fun out of these guys. sigh.

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