Currently not allowed to run due to knackered body so was in desperate need of a fitness hobby to stop me going stir crazy. Came up with the idea of seeing how far I would get around the world powered only by my stationary exercise bike and walking with Pokemon Go….

So the creaky world tour continues. Last episode found myself camped out in Cambridge.

Since then my little legs (and they are little – size 29 inch inside leg….) have added

Exercise Bike 150km

Pokémon Go 65km

So the first stop was an overnight stay in Twickenham. Had to visit the national Rugby Stadium.

And the Eel Pie Island Museum.

Then we set off on foot to Rochester Castle, the 12th century stone keep castle. One of England’s most impressive Norman Fortresses.

Can you guess where I am heading next?

34 thoughts on “A creaky world tour – 2

  1. Hello bereavedsingledad. Sounds like you are dealing well with your physical set back. I like the way you visualize your exercise. Some day you should post a map of the route your mental travel is taking as you go on your trip along with the pictures of the places. Hugs

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      1. Hello bereavedandbeingasingleparent. It would make my responding easier and commenting easier if I knew a name you would prefer. It is not needed but it would be nice. Hugs

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  2. I would hope you are heading for Dover to catch a ferry (or walk the chunnel??) with a certain mountainous country as a destination?? 😉


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