Apparently a path exists across this field but it’s just not immediately apparent.

That feels a bit like technology. Take our washing machine (please do take it). It’s one of those which is completely automatic. You switch it on then use the programme button to select one of the 10 programmes. Then press the start button. That’s all fine until the programme selection became possessed. Now when you press the programme button it rapidly scrolls through the options and then eventually randomly selects a cycle. You are stuck on that option for potentially days until the washing machine decides to randomly select again. It’s so frustrating that most days the washing machine opts for the quick wash which only just about lightly dampens the clothes.

Take our laptop which refuses to update until the very moment it hears the phrase ‘urgent work’ then immediately goes into update mode which lasts for hours or days.

Take our DVD player. Works fine unless you try to use the remote control. After years of working perfectly it has now decided to become possessed as well. Press the stop button and it rewinds the film. Press the fast forward button and it pauses the film. Press the play button and it switches off the TV.

It’s also like Word Press. Over the years of running the WP app on the iPad I can best describe the experience as PROBLEMATIC. The app repeatedly crashes but I’ve got used to that now. It has now become like the most of our technology- possessed. I leave comments and they frequently disappear –maybe they are so unremittingly boring that they are secretly deleted. Error messages appear when I try to read certain blogs. But the most frustrating thing is the app will say that some blogs (not all blogs) have no new updates available. Then suddenly weeks later WP suddenly changes its mind and reveals all. Last night one blog who had been very quiet for weeks according to WP suddenly sprung into life. WP happily showing the 22 posts which had not been there an hour previously. So it’s probably time to try something different.

Now if the laptop would kindly stop updating then I will give the Microsoft or Web based options a go. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh my…. I am totally with you on this. I have been looking for an exorcist for a while now. With very little luck. I have decided that the Universe was just testing my patience!

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  2. I have never bothered with the WordPress app. I just use my browser for popping into WordPress and what ever other sites.

    Thankfully, my washer is not like yours, otherwise I’d get annoyed with that kind of procedure.

    As for your updates on your laptop, I guess it’s Windows. I gave up with Windows the minute it went to Windows 10. Trying that was my last resort and the updates on that were really annoying that after a few weeks I put it back to 8 and sold the computer. I have used Apple computer ever since, with the exception of my android phone, where most of my browsing takes place.

    I sent an email, or it may have been a contact form, or message via Facebook when I used to be on there, to complain to Microsoft to tell them what I thought.

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  3. Hello Gary. Technology was said to be a labor saving tool to free people from doing mundane tasks, instead when the devices don’t work it can turn out to be a nightmare of frustration. My husband is horrible with electronic devices and I often have to help him when the buttons wont do what he wants but they then work for me fine. Have you tried to switch operators? Works here. Hugs

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  4. Sounds like our dryer. It has a child lock feature that randomly switches itself on and which can only be deactivated by holding down two buttons for three seconds. Of course, one of those buttons is the one that randomly sticks meaning that I end up pressing, holding and hoping that, this time, I’ve managed to turn the damn thing off.

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  5. I always try to get “old fashioned” models of appliances and really anything electronic. The more bells & whistles something has, the more things go wrong and break. For me anyway. I have a very adversarial relationship with electronics😒. Good luck!🍀🤞

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  6. I don’t have a phone let alone a WP ap. but I can tell you – those WP blogs that demand a log in with my PC are such a pain in the bum that if I wasn’t so nice they would’ve been ignored long ago. FYI – your blog causes no problem. Apart from your washing machine and a few other technical things you’re pretty much on the ball!

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  7. I just got a washer with ‘a brain?’ Auto sensing for water level barely covers cloths,(EPA trash) and agitates on all rinses but Regular setting. This is a “new’ washer’ and they make no others, I am told. Geesh. I have to put it on 2 different settings to get what I want. 🙂

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  8. I don’t have the WP app anywhere. I thought it would eat up all my space on my phone – which I rarely have anyway. Sounds like I should continue to avoid it. Hope everything starts working again soon!

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  9. Whenever I tried to use WordPress on my tablet when I was out in Australia the screen would flash on and off continually…I kept on having to turn the tablet off and on again. I just gave up trying in the end.

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  10. You write so well it’s good whatever the topic.I got a new washing machine 4 years ago and after 6 months the 59 minute programme failed.Hoover wanted mt to pay either £99 or £199 to fix it and insure.It only cost £250!
    I used a quick wash and a ” shirt wash” and in a few months it began wotking normally again.Why? I agree they are like people.I believe the fewer programmed easys the better,
    I use a chromebook most of the time.It’s just so fast and easy but now and then I go to Windows and it takes ages to start.I am so confused I seem to use Windows 7 on my old one and Windows 10 on a horrible cheap one.I get there but I don’t know how!

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      1. I had a terrible time with windows 10 It lost all my contacts and when I went on to the help file all I could see were scores of angry people saying that the same had happened to them and there was no solution. So I persuaded my husband that we needed to dump windows and we both have apple mac’s and have been so glad we did + the help with apple is real time on the phone help for everything I have ever had a problem with

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  11. Thank you Sir! For taking your share of technological gremlins and my share (and probably one or two other regular readers of your esteemed blog’s share as well!)

    You have my (our) deep condolences, but, NO! we are not prepared to take them off your hands – Sorry! Life is just too short and complicated without having to deal with that kind of C##p!

    Wish I could do more to help, but you know how these things are! 😉

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      1. Given the temperature maybe they’d be grateful of a quick shower….??

        What’s the worst that could happ…. On second thoughts, better not, huh?

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