Flowers in the garden. From this one angle our garden looks ok. Any other angle …. not so ok. A few years ago our piggyback obstacle course would start here. That was when we could say we had a little son.

A time creeps up on you when ‘little son or daughter’ does not sound appropriate anymore. I remember his Paediatrician measuring him when he was 8. Looking at our son and saying

Your not going to be a shorty like you Dad. Your in the 97th percentile for height at your age.

Thanks Doc. It’s like when a Football Coach said

If you were only a few inches taller you would be ….

I think the words he was looking for was ‘Thor like’ …. I will let you into a secret he actually said – of more use to me. I would like to point out that I am in fact 1/2cm above average height. In my book I’m tall…. Maybe standing on that book would help.

Over the years since then strangely I have not added much height. Especially if you forget about my brief experimentation with Gene Simmons Platform Boots. However our son continues to grow. I’m hoping to hang onto the tallest in our family title for a while longer. However I suspect our son will outgrow me potentially even before his thirteenth birthday. THIRTEENTH. How tall was our milkman.

Well today was another milestone. He can now use the exercise bike on my seat settings. The days of me having to lower the seat from his settings are just around the corner.

I am looking forward to my well earned piggyback rides. I think I’ve earned those. But today we have a challenge. The old obstacle course has been set. We will try to turn back the sands of time. I’m going to attempt to carry our son piggyback fashion around the garden. Do you think we should pre book an ambulance. Wish me look.



The challenge was accepted and Big Son was carried successfully around the course. One last quiz when I completed the task did I shout

  1. I am Thor, I am all powerful
  2. Yes course completed in record time. What a legend.
  3. F***** hell my back….

42 thoughts on “Piggyback

  1. I really, REALLY hope Ben never exceeds me in height, I’m 6′ . I can’t imagine trying to take care of him if he gets bigger than me. He’s 5′ and 110lbs at almost eleven. I can’t lift or carry him anymore.

    Well done carrying son piggyback! How did you manage not to fall over? I’ll bet you were both laughing the whole time. Well, you laughing and groaning. I want to come play at your house.

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  2. Oh, good for you Dad! They outgrow us way too fast. I remember when my middle child, my son Matt, was 10. I brought him to the doctor to find out why his leg bones always hurt. The doctor measured him, announced that he’d grown 9 inches in one year and then asked, “Is Paul his father?” My husband is 5’9″. My son is 6’3″ . You just never know!

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  3. Laughed a lot reading this – thanks for brightening my day! 🙂

    (I was not laughing about #3 by the way which i know full well was the correct response).

    You’re going to have to face it old man, no-one’s ever likely to be mistaking you for Thor, or Chris Hemsworth for that matter! Accept it with grace and dignity is my advice. 🙂

    Beautiful shot of your Petunias by the way. 🙂

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  4. Oh, that’s great! Fun to read 🙂 My oldest is taller than me by a lot, now he’s an inch away from his Dad at 6’2″ I had always aspired to be taller too. Wasn’t in the cards for me. And those Gene Simmons shoes had me smiling! 🙂 Hope your back feels better – but hey – way to go, Thor!

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  5. Good for you! I’ve always been on the tall side (5′ 7″ and shrinking now), but my nephew stood 6 feet 4 with size 13 feet when he was twelve. They had to carry his birth certificate with them to prove his age.

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  6. Gah, ambulance, ambulance! Blondie’s almost taller than all her aunts already, and the girl’s not even 10 yet. I got similar words from my basketball coach, too. “You’re so tall. If you cared more about the sport, you’d be really good at it.” (this said after I let him know I’d be missing a game for forensics. No regrets there!)

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      1. Sport? Blech, no, but that’s my personal choice. I wouldn’t mind doing a pickup game of volleyball now and then—I stunk at the sport (like all sports) but it was the only one I genuinely enjoyed playing. My mom got bikes for the boys’ birthday, though, and included my old bike with theirs. Guess I’ll have to get back into shape one way or another xxxxx

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      2. Bo’s not cycled in ages. The boys still have their trikes, and they’re good on those and eager to move on up. Blondie’s still clinging to her training wheels like a life vest.


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