Where do we start with this loathsome piece of so called journalism from the Murdock stable of crap.

  • Aspergers does not make you deeply disturbed. What does make you deeply disturbed is being a small minded, abusive, bigoted numpty.
  • On what planet does being either being autistic or a teen somehow invalidate your opinion. Yet we are supposed to value the opinions of Andrew Bolt more as he is a ………
  • Why MUST we doubt an opinion which doesn’t fit in with your owners view of the world. A man clearly putting the world ahead of his own interest (ha ha).
  • Why shouldn’t world leaders listen to a range of opinion. Why does being young or autistic preclude you from that right.
  • Would Murdock be happy if Greta stopped caring about the planet and started making a quick buck instead. Profit is less dangerous than caring.

I have read the article and it gets worse. How can the editor or the owner allow this to be published. Worryingly it’s probably because they want this crap to be published. It fits in with their warped take on the world and the one they invest heavily in. I note that Trump and Johnson are quick to come to the defence of their rich corporate buddies yet not a word on this. No surprise there.

The issue here is not really about climate change. We have opinions on both sides. People have a right to make up their own mind. If you read this blog regularly you will know which side I sit on. What is the issue is that part of our media and our ruling classes think its acceptable to turn their corporate guns and fake news propaganda on good people for just caring.

The world is full is so much talent with individuals who really do care. You see what a great world we could live in. Yet you see the abuse Greta gets and you realise why we are in such a mess.

This has got to stop. We have to stand up to bullies. And for what it’s worth I have to stand up for a better world. A world where Aspergers is embraced. And a world where we make a stand for the generations to come. We have one planet it’s time to save it.

54 thoughts on “This has got to stop…

      1. 🙂
        Too many people are too quick to point the finger knowing few, if any, of the facts, or worse, not wanting to know because it means they have to think for themselves. We are all entitled to our opinion and shouldn’t be penalised for it or for being different.

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  1. You’re a terrific writer, write a letter to all the newspapers.
    We do ALL have to do our little part. Greta started with a sign, sitting in a prominent place.
    Bullies keep bullying until someone stands up to them.
    The jerk faces that worship power & money are the “disturbed” ones we should fear. Every autistic person I’ve met has been lovely.

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  2. There is a difference between criticising a message and criticising the messenger, although I have found myself doing it from time to time with the likes of Trump. It seems to me that those with power prefer to attack the messenger especially if the mesenger is not “one of their own”.

    And being in any way different or a minority becomes a potential weapon in the hands of these bullies with power. Having seen the effects of school strikes here in Aotearoa New Zealand, I can understand why some of the rich and powerful fear the influence that Greta and similar activists are having on public opinion. Deliberately muddling autism and being disturbed can be seen as a reaction to that fear.

    As United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres commented during a visit here in May, he was “waiting for you [the youth] to be as noisy as possible. Mobilise your societies, your parents, families and friends and to put your Governments under pressure – that’s what I’m asking you now.” Greta is a fine example of the youth doing precisely that.

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  3. I fully agree! Mr. Bolt is a man without conscience, as is Rupert Murdoch who owns the publication. I was preparing a piece today on this very topic, but then … the mass shooting in El Paso that killed 20 took me in a different direction. But I haven’t forgotten about Bolt, and I will be doing that piece in the next day or two. Hugs!

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  4. Bolt is a well-known presenter here (It’s hard to call him a journalist) a member of the far right press, in this case working for former Australian, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network.

    Fortunately i don’t have cable TV and so can’t get Fox even if i wanted to, and i clearly don’t want to, however i have seen bits of his ‘work’ on comedy sketch shows and in less fanatical newspaper stories.

    Sadly, the reason he remains in paid (very well paid!) employment is that there are a considerable number of people out there who like what he writes??? Murdoch papers sell because they tell people what they want to hear, rather than tell them facts they don’t like or don’t want to hear.

    With world-wide audiences and many world leaders on their side it is not going to be an easy thing to challenge, but if it is to be done it can only be done if a solid group of people band together and organise themselves into an effective and efficient unified team that has the ability to gain community support. A clear plan is needed, one that is not over-complicated. Sadly society has been well programmed to have limited ability to analyse and think things through and only focus on what’s in it for them.

    The ‘Haves’ know very well how to control the ‘Have Nots’. 😦


  5. I am fed up with the ‘system’ as it stands. Yes, we do have to stop this. There are more of us than them, but it takes all of us to overpower the likes of ‘them’ that have all the weapons and control mechanisms. It won’t be easy.

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  6. What was the term from the 1800s…yellow journalism. Sensationalism, yes? It’s like traditional, “proper” publications are just going the way of tabloids to come up with the craziest pieces possible solely for the sake of readership. So ridiculous.

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