It’s Swiss Sunday. It’s time to be shaken not stirred.

We start again from the stunning mountain village of Murren and we are heading up to the top of the Schilthorn. A world famous mountain standing at 9744ft.

Only two ways to the top. A series of Cable Car rides. Not for the faint hearted. Once it was the longest aerial cable car in the world.

The other way is to try the gruelling 5 hour trek up a narrow mountain dirt path.

The mountain was featured in the 1969 James Bond movie – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. At the top you can visit the Bond Museum. It even has a cinema. The photo below is one of the mountains promo stills.

The Schilthorn has a wonderful revolving restaurant. It slowly turns and completes a full rotation in just under one hour. It’s a tremendous experience sat having lunch and gazing out of the window as the stunning mountain scenery moves slowly round.

There is a third way down but it’s not for me…

Suspect my butt would need a bigger chute.

Apparently you can see over 200 different summits from here. I remember son telling me

Close down the cable car and this would be the perfect place to live.

It really would be. A little chilly during winter but those views. You would never tire of them.

70 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday with a hint of Bond.

  1. Stunning! The Rocky Mountains are majestic like that. Just breathtaking. No cable cars though as far as I know. I’m not really afraid of heights but those cables give me a fluttery feeling. Better than a five hour hike though.

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  2. I can’t speak for the rest but i’m more stirred than shaken!! 🙂

    Did anyone else hear the Bond theme music while viewing the scenery??

    George Lazenby was the only Aussie James Bond! (So far!!) 😉

    I can’t help but think living up there might be just a tad impractical, but there is no doubting the scenery is wonderful – when there is not a white-out in progress! 🙂

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      1. Lol… Just thinking of the time my son in law brought his dog to Glencoe. It wouldn’t cross a burn at one point. Just got this ‘ Good luck with that mate.’ look on its face. He went back over to get it and it ran for its life. Then he had to go get it back. Then he carried it over. Now this dog is big. How he never slipped on a stone I don’t know. But yeah. They are pretty smart.

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      2. Well that dog, the following day cleared off down the mountain with my Mr. who isn’t really a dog person, like this was his new best pal, after Daniel went over his ankle, right enough. So yeah, maybe they ain’t all good on hills. Either that or they just look out for themselves.

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      3. Seriously. When we took our wee grandie to his football training today and we were sitting in the cafe cos he is actually a year too young to be there at all, the Street Soccer folks were in planning a tournament. Apart from the two big wigs, the others are former homeless folks and I overheard one going on about how now GPs are saying to people, people with depression, people with drug problems trying to keep on the straight etc, to go out into the wilds for an hour and walk. The Street Soccer foolks were not dissing this advice either. I have always found it to be soul food at difficult times. So, just maybe … x

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      4. I remember a night in Torridon. The midges had been out in even greater numbers than usual, even up the bloody mountain. Absolute nightmare. I couldn’t sleep due to the bites so got up middle of the night. No midges, completely clear sky. Ended sat by the loch watching the stars. Next day never felt so alive and relaxed.

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      5. I remember in Oban asking the bartender for a wee swallie in my northern accent and getting a a fine Talisker. My pal in his southern accent tried the same phrase and the bar tender said ‘are you taking the piss’.


    1. I am not a whisky drinker–probably the very mixed heritage in me, plus the hot toddy cure all bit at 6 year old very ill one night and then iller still, BUT growing up my dad, grampa… it was always a whisky with some water.

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  3. Wow. Never been, on bucket list now. I did a few cable car trips in July when I was there, it never bothered me, but now it’s a little…lets say you’re right, not for the faint of heart. 🙂

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