There is a scene at the end of the third Hobbit movie where Tauriel pleads after the death of her love

Why does it hurt so much?

With the telling response from Thranduil

Because it was real.

This is a bit of movie padding as it’s not from the book. Tauriel is not even in the book. So it’s not canon. But frankly I don’t care. It’s a rather fine movie and the sentiment can’t be faulted. It is hauntingly true.

Before 2016 I never noticed this movie exchange. Now it never fails to get to me. How often do you experience real love and yet it passes you by. You seem to miss living in the moment. Take things for granted. Assume you have time. Plenty of time to get round to the important stuff after you have ticked off the mundane tasks. The tasks expected of you. In reality you may have little time. Putting love off proves to be little more than a foolish role of the dice. A gamble where the debt can never be paid off. Suddenly when it’s ripped away from your grasp love becomes so vivid, so obvious ,so painful. Yes it’s real but now it’s not just a memory. Your moment has gone.

It’s a stabbing pain. A pain etched in memories. I have a few particular memories which are like the most vivid photographs ever. All real and all so painful. Yes painful but they are about love. Real love. One is from a Swiss trip before our son was born. We were on a boat on Lake Thun. I had gone outside to take a photo. The image is me looking through the window and seeing my partner smiling back at me. Every time I see that memory a bit more of my soul dies.

Why does it hurt so much.

Because it was real.

54 thoughts on “Real

  1. This might sound harsh – but it too is very real:

    The key word in the statement is ‘WAS’. It is Real when it is happening, once it no longer is it enters the realm of Fable – the legend can grow and grow with the retelling, making the sense of loss feel ever sharper, cutting ever deeper. I don’t think that is a good thing for us to have to endure. We are obliged to accept that what was once very real is now only real in our memorys, and we risk distorting that reality by trying to hold on to what is now gone, if but for a brief period of Time.

    What is important now, just like then, is that you be aware of, and appreciate, every moment you have and take every opportunity you can, to be present and aware of those you love and those who love you – even if you have not met them yet.

    You have the power and the strength to chose what is best.

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      1. Haha! Loved the books. We read to each other The Lord of the Rings whilst traveling by train through India…before the movies came out…

        This scene with Tauriel—made me spontaneously convulse. Still, every time we watch it—I shudder…don’t let real love pass you by…and fight for it till the end…
        But don’t deny love because it hurts. Point in case—Pointy Ears. It all but ate him up—until this scene with Tauriel—and he is changed for it—they all are.

        I personally liked the addition of Tauriel—and the link with Legolas and his own cold heart.

        The pain of true love lost. Yes, it hurts. It hurts everyone involved—because it’s something we can all relate to—something we desire and are afraid of—and when we’ve got it—so few of us can recognize it. We don’t know what to do with it. We lose it..tragic.

        Tauriel! Go after the orc! With all you’ve got…even unto your own death! With love as your shield.
        Oh goodness I am rambling…

        Do you know The Children of Hùrin by Tolkien? Very dark. Bedtime stories for Zombies.🤖

        Thank you for visiting by blog and for listening. I hope you are smiling, Gary.🙃
        Nina 🎼

        PS. Feed Zord bacon. Have you ever seen a Vegan Zombie before? Me neither.

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  2. I’m very tempted to rant at The Hobbit movies here, but I won’t, because you’re right–true love never leaves us, not even in the deepest grief. Keep sharing that powerful love with your son. Help him feel the wonder of your partner through sharing memories, hugs, and hope. xxxxxx

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      1. No, sadly–writing’s just a dream at this point. But the jobs are so important right now, and Bo’s working his ass off. I just need to find a balance, set aside one day for writing, or an hour a day. It doesn’t help I’m in the start of a new term for my university, and the first couple of weeks are ALWAYS tough. We’ll see what I can swing. 🙂 xxxxx

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