It’s Swiss Sunday again. A time to breathe and relax.

Often we would arrive in Switzerland on a Saturday. Completely stressed out with families, work, money, life. But on that train heading towards Spiez the holiday has started. Two Swiss Beers and it’s time to forget the world for a few days. You can feel the stress levels ebbing away as the mountain scenery passes by.

Sunday was the day of Total Relaxation. No busy shops. No frustrations. No anger. Just the peaceful sound of water lapping on the shore. Cow bells in the distance. The occasional ring of church bells. A time to just stroll and take in the views.

Then a leisurely trip to Interlaken. This really is the correct pace for life.

The train could get you there within 10 minutes. But what’s the hurry. Sit on the boat and just relax for 90 minutes.

Interlaken has a wonderful little Japanese Garden. The Garden of Friendship. Another chance for peace and tranquility.

In a world where stress levels are so high. We need places like Switzerland on a Sunday. Now breathe.

82 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday and relax

  1. It is also very cheap to go to. We could have three nights there and that would include the cost of food and drink for what it is costing us for the two nights in the hotel for our girl’s wedding. Also it is the Jury’s Inn we stay in Prague and it is lovely and ideally situated. This country just gets dearer and dearer. But we are staying over for the wedding cos it’s not on the doorstep and staying the night before too cos I couldnae face any…oh the Tay Bridge is shut closures on the way .

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  2. Oh aye, they are. We loved a lot of things in Prague. A beautiful city. Even the prices had gone up in Glentoe this year where it came down to what
    we’d rather have. A week in a hell-hole, or two days there? We chose the latter. Getting so will be pitching at tent up here in me study for a week and well kiddying on I am on some foreign shore.

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    1. I remember at uni running out of grant money so couldnโ€™t go on the group weekend trips climbing. So I would stay and pitch my tent in my room and just pretend I was there with them. Itโ€™s amazing what a cheap bottle of Thunderbird Cider can do to the mind.


  3. What beautiful pictures and commentary. I TOTALLY agree with you. Our pace of life is way out of whack. It makes it so much harder to cope with loss when there’s so private quiet time to grieve. Blessings, my friend. And thank you for the follow.

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  4. I’ve booked a holiday to Wengen which is quite near Interlaken. A trip I’ve been advised to take is to the top of the Jungfrau. On checking it out, you can see images of the area from the cameras that are installed over the mountain. Yesterday it was just mist, but on a clear day you all should be able to see incredible mountain views.

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