Like any country you get some grim weather days. Maybe it was just luck but we seemed to get very few of those days in Switzerland. But you still can exploit the day. Put on your waterproofs and see what you can find.

The Niederhorn is a mountain which overlooks Lake Thun. From our preferred hotel it was a 10 minute ferry trip. Then it’s a funicular train and cable car to the top.

Or as I did once do the ferry and mountain run it to the top. When I say run I’m using a very loose definition of that word. It’s definitely a thigh trembler.

The Nierderhorn is 1950m (6450ft) high. To add to its height you have a huge Television Antenna at its top. It’s 90m tall and it is seriously impressive. You get dizzy looking up. I had visions of Baron Frankenstein waiting for a lightning strike to bring life to his creation.

Even on a grim day you get stunning views across the lake and to the Alps.

A lovely little restaurant at the top allows you to enjoy the mountains in the distance while enjoying your hot chocolate or when I ran up the mountain – copious amounts of Swiss Lager for purely medicinal purposes.

Sat at the restaurant table drinking in the views. Watching a golden eagle soar. Enjoying the peace and quiet. Relaxing. Switzerland delivers again. It really always does.

36 thoughts on “Niederhorn

  1. Some of those photos look like paintings – marvelous! 🙂

    I especially like how in the 2nd last pic the clouds look like a snow-covered mountain over the top of the mountain!

    Just incredible to think of the forces that have pushed up the Earth’s crust to those heights and angles from what was once low lying and horizontal ground.

    Swiss Sunday to the rescue – once again! 🙂

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      1. Our Earth seems like it is ‘fixed’ but it is still a living changing planet. 🙂

        It is a little uncomfortable to think that we are sitting on top of several thousand miles thick molten magma under pressure, with only an extremely thin skin of cooled rock to protect us from it bursting out at any moment.

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