If you think that pesky dog is getting his bed back then he can think again….

Today is a bit of a milestone. After encouraging him for months son has today joined in a Minecraft multiplayer game with some of the other kids at his school. Thankfully it’s some of the really nice kids. He is currently sat wearing his game headset talking some strange language about mods and Ender Dragon Portals. Worryingly it’s a language I understand just about. That’s real progress.

Now I just need to make progress on the dog and cat sharing front. Not going to happen.

46 thoughts on “Progress

  1. It’s good when you can see the results of your prolonged efforts! Yayy for you both! 🙂

    Dogs are very social animals who need a hierarchical structure to their group and are happiest when they know their position in the pecking order.

    Cats are less social animals who are happiest when everyone else in their group knows their place in the pecking order – which is always under theirs!!

    Sadly for dogs their hyperactivity and desire to play with the other members of their group is not the sort of s#!t cats are prepared to put up with!

    Translation: It ain’t gonna happen! 😉

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    1. It really is. It’s a start. Unfortunately with no school support the Clinical Psychologist is clear that all we can realistically do is stop the reading gap growing as fast. But we just have to make up the difference at home but making sure he gets the time to be a kid AND do it as long as he wants to keep going. xxxxx

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