The poor Apple Tree has been stripped bare at its base.

If your not going to give me a bone then I’m going to eat the tree.

Its a hard life being a dog. Constant action. No need for caffeine based stimulants here. Oh for a fraction of that energy. What is the elusive secret of the unlimited energy supply. Is it chicken flavour dry dog food. Is it dog chews. Is it copious amounts of water. Is it getting a solid 6 hours sleep every night. Is it rolling around in any unpleasant object you find. Is it tummy tickles. Is it chasing your own tail repeatedly. Hopefully it’s not something to do with repeatedly sniffing the cats butt.

Today I’m officially zonked out. Really low energy levels. It’s a struggle. But you just have to keep going. Get through until night then hopefully a few hours kip. Parenting is a privilege. It’s the best gig in town. As a single parent I have got to spend more quality time with our son. I so so wish circumstances were different. But thats how it is. One major downside of going solo is that there is no hiding place when you are not firing on all cylinders. There is no plan b. Just got to keep going.

Anyway the dogs got energy in bundles and I haven’t. So you will have to excuse me as I am off to get a handful of dog biscuits and attempt to chase my own …..

33 thoughts on “Energy

  1. My older cats aren’t as active as they used to be. Go figure. But our three year olds play and play all day, and all night. We have been asking ourselves where do they get their energy for a long time.
    As for concerned humans, I think there ia an epidemic of low energy, no matter where you live. The zeitgeist of the times is one of disillusion. Too many people don’t care if the world ends. I don’t care if humanity ends, we are proving to have little value for our home. Few species of animals treat their home as we do. Our oceans are cesspools of our garbage, barely able to support the fabulous diversity of life they still contain even now. But to have all life on Earth end because of us, that bothers me something fierce. It is our responsibilty to correct the mistakes we made.
    Yet there seems to be little caring about us, right now. The future can go to hell. It isn’t our problem. And that depletes my energy. This is not what life means to me.

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  2. Have you tried doggy choc drops? I loved them as a kid and remember having oodles of energy. LOL. I seem to have a couple of hours sleep at a time during the night, Maggie depending. No good having an early night though as I’m not sleepy until around 11!

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  3. I think their secret is to love life and not get stressed. Accept all that comes your way with a “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. How can i have fun with it?” attitude.

    Probably easier for single dogs than single parents, but it’s the best i’ve got at the moment. 😉

    I also believe we humans spend far too much of our energy on thinking, mostly of the worrying kind. It drains us and also keeps our body’s muscles in a semi-permanent state of high tension draining yet more of our energy.

    Some Eastern philosophers would probably also mention something about us not understanding our energy ‘channels’ or chakra being a major cause of Westerner’s low energy troubles.

    Tai Chi – stick with it! 🙂

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