It’s Sunday so let’s travel to beautiful Switzerland again.

My partners parents would always holiday in Switzerland and after a few visits they picked a small town on the banks of Lake Thun to be their base. The tradition was carried on with our holidays. To the extent that I have been to Spiez probably more times than I have been to London.

It’s the perfect base. The town is a major rail junction point. From here you can easily access the rest of Switzerland. It’s a 20 minute journey to Bern. You can also get direct links to Milan and Berlin.

You could also just opt for a relaxing lake trip to Thun or Interlaken. The Alps are almost in touching distance.

The walk round the marina and lake are worth the visit to Spiez on their own. It’s definitely the most beautiful run location I have encountered. Unbelievably for Switzerland it’s flat….

The Town is dominated by a beautiful old castle and a pristine marina. The hotel we always stayed at was located on the marina. It’s the building below the castle in the next photograph. The picture above is taken from the hotels restaurant. That’s some view to have with your breakfast.

On a Sunday the only sound you hear is the lapping of water and the ringing of church bells. It even has its own vineyard. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be on this Sunday morning than here in beautiful Spiez.

36 thoughts on “Spiez

  1. It’s very obvious why you all chose that place to vacation. We spent more time at a lake in Switzerland than any other place during our 9 week driving tour of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. My husband loved it there, as did I.

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  2. Maybe if you keep writing about how wonderful Switzerland is their tourism bureau will invite you and your son on a paid trip. That would be nice!

    I definitely want to travel to these beautiful Swiss places you show us. Thank you for the virtual vacations. Much better than the Google Earth ones I usually have.

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  3. The best I can say is I flew into Bern and back out a few hours later on my way to Warsaw in 1986. I tried to go outside but I was probably stopped by customs, or their equivalent. That was 33 years ago, oh my!

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  4. A day in Switzerland is a day well spent, Sir!

    If i had the choice between going to London and Spiez, Spiez would win every time! 😉

    Don’t they have any sloping lakes in Switzerland??

    I could travel 20 minutes by train in ANY direction and i’d still be in my own city!! (And it’s not because the trains are by any means slow.)

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  5. Your love for Switzerland has infected me too. I now have a picture of a Swiss lakeside village as my desktop background. When the days are rough, it’s so precious to have that picture to gaze upon.

    If I had one wish for you, it’d be that you get a good job that you like in Switzerland and you could take your son there, where he could get all the help and support he needs to realise his full potential.

    Every day, there’d be something to rise to, beauty to feast upon. And even when old grief finds you, perhaps Switzerland will be that gentle hand upon your sorrow.

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