We do the same dog walk everyday with our son. We do it that often that I’ve got names for many of the straw bales. This one is Eric.

Routines and repetition form a key part of our lives these days. Some things have to be done at the right times and in exactly the same way. Anything else yields anxiety and stress. In a couple of days school starts again and all these anxieties are going to magnify again. But at least we can now smile at them thanks to the brilliant TV series Red Dwarf. Every time one of us is anxiety stricken we have to both put on our finest Kryten accent and shout

Grind those worry balls like you’ve never ground them before”

Before the world changed son loved to go to see his Little Nan every Sunday. He would sit with her and watch something like Ivanhoe. I dread to think how many times we have seen that movie. His Nan would read him a Mr Men book. He would also have an expertly cooked Sunday Lunch.

It’s a changed world now. But some things are constant.

We have the Ivanhoe dvd. We have the Mr Men books. Unfortunately I just can’t read the stories as well as they used to be read. My accents all sound the same like some really rubbish rejected extra from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Sunday Lunch cooking baton has also passed to me. Every Sunday I prepared Yorkshire Puddings, peas, carrots, sweet corn, potatoes, sausages and gravy. The food has to be plated so that each item is separate and don’t mix. I’ve had countless arguments with other parents and school over this. The ‘well just tell him to eat it, he will eat it when he’s hungry‘ line is just not helpful at all. It shows a complete lack of understanding. Maybe I should invite those parents over for one of my special baking disasters. Then they can just eat it that abomination when they are hungry….

The Sunday lunch is not exactly difficult to make but remember my cooking skills are military grade. Over the 3 years I’ve almost become competent in this particular art. HOWEVER Part of the Little Nan Sunday Feast was a sensational pudding usually Apple Crumble. Sadly this is still beyond me. Every so often I try but the results are as my Dad would say – a tad manky.

I have tried bought apple crumble but these have not been to our sons liking. So the search for the holy apple crumble grail continues. Until it’s found Plan B is Rice Pudding. Even I can do one of those – sort of. Don’t tell anyone but son hasn’t worked out that he quite likes tinned rice. Tinned rice is now part of the routine.

44 thoughts on “Sunday lunch

  1. You made me laugh out loud for real over this line!
    “Grind those worry balls like you’ve never ground them before”
    I think I need to do this while I take my daily walk down by the river! Cooking takes practice and recipes and buckets and buckets of patients. 😉

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  2. A tad manky and a bad Monty Python extra. Thanks for the laughs.

    Post a recipe that sounds close and I’ll try it out. Let you know if I can de-trickify it for you.

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  3. Is your apple crumble manky to both of you, or just you? Or is it the variety of the apple, or different waters in different counties? Just brainstorming. I know the water tastes differently in any town or city within a thousand miles of us, so I figure it is likely that way everywhere. The groundwater even affects the tastes of the apples, depending where they are grown, etc. For now, just do what you can. Your son will make his way through it as best he can…

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  4. I just had a thought…(scary, I know) would your son be interested in spending time at a senior center? I know new places, new people… it couldn’t be jumped in to, but it might be something beneficial to both you guys and some lucky seniors. Just a thought.

    People still just dont get autism. Ben will literally starve rather than eat something that’s wrong. He eats about 10 things. We’re happy to have that many.

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  5. I’m sorry but apple crumble and rice pudding are both easy peasy to make well. Can I suggest you involve your son in making Sunday lunch, he might be rather good at it.
    PS I don’t like stuff mixed on my plate either and eat each individual component separately.

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  6. I won’t tell!

    They’ve started repeating the original series of Red Dwarf on my free-to-air TV – ON THE NO ADS CHANNEL!!!!!

    How brilliant is that? 😉

    Don’t go getting too attached to Eric… remember what happened the last time? 😉

    Have you tried cheating on the Apple Crumble? Get a pack of dry, sweet biscuits that taste OK. Crush them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or similar; drop in a tablespoon of butter and mash it all up then use as topping on sliced, sugared (brown/demarera is best) apples and bake until browned on top. (DO NOT BURN!!!)

    You’re welcome! 🙂

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  7. “They’ll eat when they’re hungry” always gets to me too. Cate is a whopping 70 pounds at 11 years old. She still fits into clothes meant for an 8 year old. If food is prepared or arranged in the slightest wrong way she just won’t eat. And she will choose not eating – even if she is hungry – every time. You are right, there are so few people who really understand this. And “tad manky” made me smile 🙂

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    1. Great kids like Cate deserve so much more than idiotic views from people who should know better. A couple years back his Paediatrician measured him. 97th percentile for height but a bit underweight for his age. So Dr said he doesn’t normally say this but let him eat whatever he wants, if that’s a chocolate bar then so be it. Wish my Dr said that to me…..

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  8. I tried rice pudding a few weeks ago. Turns out the raisins I used were faulty. I had no idea raisins could go bad! I’m not much of a cook, but had leftover rice so tried it. A lot of waste as the taste had been ruined by the raisins. It’s not like my mom used to make, but nothing is😩

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