So it’s about to start again. SCHOOL. The anxieties are building. The sleepless nights. The upset stomach. The worries. And that’s just me.

For our son it’s worse. Far worse. He is already stressed out. Anxious about the return to that alien world. An institution which could not have been designed in a more anti-autistic way if they had honestly tried. A system which is designed for kids with dyslexia to automatically fail. An underfunded service which is not fit for purpose.

So he will get on the bus at 8am tomorrow with hope. Hope that school has changed. It now positively promotes uniqueness and individuality. Kids with specific learning obstacles are giving tailored support to help them fly. In fact all kids are given a tailored education not just the privileged few. The 1950s school infrastructure has been replaced with modern, bright and welcoming learning facilities. The strict rule structure has been relaxed. Kids are allowed to be kids for at least part of the day. Good dedicated professionals are supported and properly rewarded.

But in reality we understand what our son will face again tomorrow. A broken system where the bonkers government sees stricter rules for kids as the answer to everything. Stricter rules for kids and teachers yet wants less rules for those trying to make a profit out of our kids education. Yes an education but not the one we want for our kids.

The summer holidays were great but the fight for many parents starts again.

44 thoughts on “School

  1. System of knowledge transfer is not effective in school education. Teaching is cognitive performance, not the system of knowledge transfer. Therefore, students are facing many learning problems in the classroom. We have to change school system so high performing students could be produced in happiness classroom. Thanks for the writing

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  2. My daughter and grandmother went in on Tuesday afternoon to get her new timetable. All classes are abbreviated, so they come home, and my brilliant eldest granddaughter has a book. She does each day on a page, and color codes the subjects, and the classrooms for her. Even with this she didn’t want to go to school today (Wednesday).

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  3. Ben went to either four or five (can’t remember) schools before he was moved (in the middle of 4th grade) to the school he’s in now. They couldn’t find a teacher, classroom or school to help him. It kept getting worse and we kept losing hope. I am eternally grateful that the district (it was actually just one woman, Sarah) finally said enough and sent him to the wonderful non-public special school he’s at now. The district pays his tuition and provides transportation. They have to. Finally, something right.

    I hope with all my heart that your son gets a champion like Sarah to help him. Every child deserves to have the support they need to learn and reach their potential. 🙏

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  4. I can relate to this post so much, every year we go through this, but school as it is right now is never compatible for my daughter either. She has refused to go since March after some traumatic episodes. We have a lovely school working with us, but the system of learning just is not set up for her. X

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  5. So sad Gary. Reading this I felt it all with you. Strangely, I am typing this dead on 8 a.m. just as your son will be getting on the bus. Jyst awful. I used to go to school with upset stomach etc so I know what this feels like, though mine was for different reasons. I too used to be getting on the bus at eight o click. I so wish this could change for you and yoyr son. Gentle and kind thoughts to you both xx

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      1. It certainly does Gary. But you know, I really think we have gone backwards as things have become less individualised. It is wicked.

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      2. I know. And I don’t know what can be done about it because everything seems non cintestible. Sad. Very sad. It must be so disheartening

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  6. That wonderful word ‘Austerity’ no doubt rules in what you laughingly call a Government, i imagine. What is it 11, years now since the GFC?? Austerity begins in the home (of the poor), it rarely, if ever, reaches up to the homes of the rich.

    The government will ensure however that it will then extend to all services for the poor also, so they don’t get a taste and liking for any ‘entitlements’. 😦

    I know that your son has the intelligence to increase his learning and education in spite of the shortcomings of the system and that he is fortunate enough to have the kind of dad who can help him manage to the best degree possible the anxieties a new school year can bring for so many students.

    It’s looking increasingly likely you’re going to have a new government in office quite soon.

    I’m not hopeful the next one will be better – let’s all hope that they are not any worse!

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  7. For the past month I’ve been trying to write a blog post about autistic children and school. But keep getting a mental block. It’s just too distressing. Hope your son survives and at least can de-stress a bit at home. I feel so bad for those kids who don’t have a loving parent like you or worse have abusive ones.

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  8. Where schools fail is providing attention to kids who need that little something extra. I am sure it is hard for teachers to balance all that is required in a single classroom. I hope things go as well as possible for your son.

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  9. I don’t suppose this is much consolation, but we teachers struggle with the lack of funding and the “one size fits all” approach, too. I am very lucky in my current school in that they allow me to use my judgement in terms of what’s best in my subject. But I have worked in some horror establishments. I hope the return is gentle on your son.

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