We were in the hunt for a distraction. Why? A grisly return to school providing a harsh reminder of how badly the system lets down kids who do not fit the expected mould. The anniversary of losing my soulmate and our sons beloved mum steaming toward us. So distraction needed.

After much searching we found the only option we could find which was affordable and which was just about in the required timeframe.

Off we went to see a Rugby Union match. England playing Italy.

Normally these internationals are played hundreds of miles away in London, are heavily oversubscribed and are far too expensive. But they decided to play this last warmup game before the World Cup in North. The game was just a few days from the anniversary. It had the added advantage that some of the tickets were heavily discounted as the seats were high up in the stadium amongst the clouds.

So it ticked a lot of boxes. Just two problems. It was a night game and our son is not too confident outside in the dark. The other problem is it was going to be a 50000 crowd – that’s a lot for a kid with Aspergers.

The night actually went quite well. The outside stadium entertainment and fan park was too much for son. Just a sea of humanity. Too many people moving in all directions. No pattern. So we quickly got to the seats. Once he was sat down and the world started to become ordered again he began to enjoy the experience. Interestingly he quickly switched allegiances to the Italian Team. He put it down to a combination of them playing in blue and “coming from York we were part of the Roman Empire”. Have to say it’s gone downhill for us since the Romans left. We did play the Monty Python game of what have the Romans ever done for us game. Lots.

The walk back to the car had to be handled carefully as a busy city at night can be so daunting. At least the walk across the bridge made him forget the anxieties.

So today our spirits have been lifted by the distraction. I think we are in a better place to face the anniversary. And I’ve got my first Christmas idea for our son – an Italian Rugby Shirt.

47 thoughts on “Did it work

  1. I am happy for you that it worked, and for him that he choose his own team to root for. You didn’t mention who won, and though that is not important, I hope for your son that Italy did. A game is always more fun when the side you are cheering for wins.
    Very spectacular display for a warmup game, by the way.

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  2. Look at that. You have taken something from the ashes here and it’s wonderful to see. Had awe smile re the ‘What have the Romans ever done for us’ bit. There’s a brill spoof doing the rounds with the exact scripting of that bit but yep… set in parliament.

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    1. Letโ€™s have a game. What has the last 10 years of our government done for us compared to Europe. As if our Tory Government is going to be suddenly transformed into caring and issue all this finding to the people. If we do ever get any funds released itโ€™s going in tax cuts for the rich.


      1. Now… do you want me to die ……laughing at the caring bit…..? Saddest thing? Some folks seem to think so. That funds will be released for the things that count when all that has happened here is that the ‘elite’ have been waiting their chance since ‘common’ man in their eyes first got the vote and boy, are they using every tool at their disposal too.

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      2. We must hope that other parties can band together like they did in that recent by-election. They Tories are facing wipeout up here in Scotland. Not that there were many in the first place. Noticeably, after he had to be smuggled out Sturgeon’s back door after his last little trip up here, he stuck to the safety of a Scottish farm. As for Farage? he has had to cancel his proposed rally at the Caird Hall in Dundee. Plainly the muppet had no idea that this is the town Winston Churchill left in tears. Such a pity. I was so looking forward to going to the opposition event planned in the City Square itself.

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      3. Sadly many folks seem to think Farage is talking for them. He and Johnson might sweep back in because they may do a deal and the opposition will stop working together when the election comes. Farage talks about us being controlled by an external evil entity for years. Thatโ€™s the same evil entity paying him a nice pension.


    2. He is a fascist piece of ……… being polite here. And truly what is needed here is for the opposition parties to agree as they did in that by election if there is an election. Him, Mogg and his fancy wee group he is part of and I am not talking the European Research one and Bodge the buffoon need faced down.

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  3. I’m guessing England won? My wife’s Italian, but thankfully has no interest in sport so won’t mind if they lost. We took my sister in law to York, who enjoyed all the Roman history on display ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I am so glad the distraction worked – hopefully for both of you. Anniversaries can be so painful so kudos to you for finding this distraction and a double benefit with Christmas idea in place. So, tell me please, what all did the Romans do for you? LOL

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