It’s Sunday and it’s time for another dose of Switzerland. With reflection maybe this should have been moved either to Monday or Friday.

When your an Aspergers parent(s) you get used to repetition and routine. Holidays are often no different. When we were fortunate to go to Switzerland we afforded ourselves a couple of days to explore but we had to factor in certain routines.

  • Sunday would be a boat trip to Interlaken. Here son would go into a gift shop which sold the full range of Schleich Toy Animals. Son would browse the range while his mum looked at all the amazing Swiss Cuckoo Clocks. Strangely we left with a couple of new animals but sadly no clock.

  • Monday would be a train trip to Zurich and a visit to it’s large Zoo
  • Friday was the last day of the holiday and we would have a visit to the small local zoo in Bern.

Before we get onto some zoo animals I have had a few people ask me to publish a photo of my Clooney like looks. For the ones who have asked HERE I AM swimming…

The two zoos are so different. The one in Bern is small and always seems very quiet. So so relaxing for someone with Aspergers.

Bern Zoo doesn’t have a huge range of animals but the animals facilities are modern. You get the real impression that the animals are really well looked after here.

Very unusually part of the zoo can be accessed without having to pay. What a brilliant idea.

It also has the most wonderful little adventure park for kids. It’s one of the few which our son was comfortable playing on.

Zurich Zoo is so much larger. It has over 4000 animals.

This zoo seems to focus on trying to give the animals the closest natural habit possible. The animals are being moved from cages to spaces. The elephants have a huge new indoor shelter and a purpose developed habitat outside.

It has a massive indoor tropical rain forest where you can walk about and also climb into the trees. The animals are free to roam in the trees and undergrowth. Maybe it’s coming from Yorkshire but I came out looking like I had just run several marathons.

Zoos can often leave you cold. Feeling sorry for the animals. You don’t get that feeling at these two zoos. This is how zoos should be.

The animals in Switzerland were so good for our son I will certainly revisit this again on this blog.

And finally if one image from all the zoo trips always brings a smile – it’s the one below. First of all I didn’t realise Giant Tortoises could move so quick. It certainly surprised our 6 year old.

Mum what are they doing?

“Ask your Dad”


No idea son. Maybe it’s some form of wrestling….

56 thoughts on “Switzerland and the Zoos

  1. Wonderful photos. I love looking at animals but usually hate zoos. This is one of the great ones. San Diego Wild Animal Park and the Desert Museum outside of Tucson are good ones as well. Thanks for your sharing of this experience.

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    1. Doing good work, for as far as it goes. I myself am torn over zoos. It is nice to see the animals, but we are doing it at the expense of the animal. Who knows what relationships we are destroying by taking them away from their natural homes.
      I would not want to be captured by a alien group and thrown in a cage on some far planet with no one who meant anything to me. But that is what we do to put our animals in zoos. I think they should all be closed, post haste.

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      1. Problem is that increasingly the natural habitats are getting destroyed or abused. A friend of mine is a zoologist. He argues that zoos have been awful places but some zoos have changed that pattern and crucially they will be needed in the coming years to protect so many endangered species until we as a race get our backsides in gear.


      2. And that is the solution I am backing. Leave the land alone. It is only human greed that is the cause of pretending we need the land that belongs to someone else. But we don’t recognize anyone else.
        And it is not like we are alone. People all over the world realize the need for nature to have a natural home. Yet we allow ourselves to have leaders who don’t care about nature, leaders who support the destruction of boreal forests and the great jungles of the world. Capitalism at work, not for the good of life, but for the good of certain individual lives. The world cannot survive that way. We are oxygen breathers, yet we wantonly destroy the makers of oxygen. And we openly support the producers of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They convince us the economy runs on fossil fuels, and we believe them.
        Better to destroy an out-of-control economy than destroying life.
        Does anyone hear?

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      3. Sadly things are not going to change any time soon with the likes of Trump and Johnson. Thatโ€™s why for many animals the nature reserves and modern zoos are potentially the only way to maintain stock until we can be trusted to look after the world better.


  2. Another commenter mentioned The Wild Animal Park (now called San Diego Zoo Safari Park). I grew up in San Diego, so trips to our “world famous zoo” and up to the wild animal park were done through school trips and well as family trips.
    Many many zoo’s are only dealing in captive bred animals, they are working on conservation and breeding programs, and education through natural habitats.
    I’m glad to see that your zoo pictures didnt have cages. That would make me very sad.
    And, yeah, the giant tortoises are ALWAYS doing that. It’s an area avoided during school trips๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Nice ‘mullet’ ya got there, George! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the pic of the Swiss Alps, and also the blue poison dart frogs and the tiger.

    Any decent zoos in driving distance of you two?

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      1. My city of 2,000,000 haz only one zoo – a very good one though that has seriously upgraded the facilities for the animals since i first went there in the 70’s. They have leading facilities for orang-utans and are major contributors to preserving both them and their natural environment in Borneo. They have themed open areas where animals are allowed to mix as they might in the wild with a Savannah and wetland areas in the grounds. Been a while since i’ve been though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They used to have 3 baby elephants and to give them enough exercise they used to walk them trunk to tail around the local suburb’s walkways! I had to step aside from the path once to avoid being bowled over in the rush past me – those suckers can really put on the pace when they want to! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I can relate with the repetitions of the details on vacations. Loved the photos. And have found myself also trying to explain that tortoise behavior (couldn’t the tortoise just wait until after hours, geez! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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      1. Good one ๐Ÿ™‚ The autumn and winter are so busy with the kids schedules we don’t do much except cart them around to their activities. Our next break will hopefully be at the shore again for Easter break. Do you have any breaks ahead?

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