Ok troops stand by your bed at 6am for a kit and bed inspection from the Sergeant Major. If you fail you will do 100 press-ups and your on peeling spud duty for a week. Dad had those when he was in the army. He’s one of the troops in the photo above – enjoying the winter weather in Iceland. Apparently inspections are good for discipline and builds character….

Dad can you help me with my school bag and kit. I’m really worried I don’t have the right stuff.

Don’t worry son I filled your bag up with school supplies last week.

Do I have a 4b pencil.

Not sure but you have pencils.

If you don’t have a 4b pencil you get a negative.

Son it will be ok you have pencils.

No Dad you get a negative for not having the right pencil. Do we have colouring pencils covering all of the colours of the rainbow.

You have a load of pencils in the Peppa Pig pencil case. (I really must change that). It’s at the bottom of your school bag. It has lots of different colours.

No you need to ensure you have all the colours covered or it’s another negative.

It will be ok Son you do have enough coloured pencils for art and the teachers won’t know anyway.

Dad on Thursday the Form Tutor is doing a full school bag inspection. He’s going to check that we have every item on the school list. Every time he finds a mistake he will give you a negative.

******My jaw hits the flaw and I am stunned. It was later confirmed that school bag inspections are taking place with punishments for breaches of rules. I am speechless.*******

So after 30 minutes work we managed to rustled up a kit list that would hopefully pass the Drill Sergeant role call.

Dad we will need to move the coloured pencils to the main pencil case as the tutor has said that he will only check one case. And all the essential items have to be in there.


Maybe it’s just me but I find this completely staggering. I’ve got a kid with Aspergers seriously spooked over the type of pencil he has in his school bag. How can that be right. Whatever happened to the idea of building a warm and welcoming learning environment. I thought the days of negative reinforcement had been assigned to the bin. A few months ago we went to a zoo where the keeper in charge of the Sea Lions talked about how an approach based on punishments never works. The animals will only respond to positive reinforcement. So an approach not ok for Sea Lions is perfectly acceptable for our children.

Why can’t school turn this round and award house points for the neatest bag. Or give every kid with the full school kit a flapjack. School could have prizes for the sharpest pencil tip, the funniest sharpener and the most original pencil case design.

To be fair to school they are following an approach favoured by our so called government. But I’m sorry the approach is fundamentally wrong. If I could sort the finances out he would be pulled from school immediately and taught at home. School and more importantly the so called government have a duty of care to kids which they are failing. This years battle with school is going to get very messy indeed.

113 thoughts on “School inspection

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG I am stupified. Every time I think that it cannot get any more Dickensish you prove me wrong. I am at the point where I want to jump on plane fly over find the head of your son’s school drag his a** out and have a rather stern conversation with him. In Canadian English. With a lot of swear words. What did not work in the 1800’s isn’t going to work in the 2000’s. Arggggggggggggg I am so mad for you and your son right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  2. Sad to say this doesn’t surprise me at all. When older daughter was in first grade, her teacher would make the kids change their card (basically a negative) if they were late. How much control does a 6 or 7 year old child have over what time they get to school? And how horrible to start the day immediately in the negative?!

    It’s not education, its pounding square (and any other shape) pegs into round holes.

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  3. Inspections. Good grief. Why are they even bothering? Either the child has what they need for a particular lesson or the lesson teacher should be capable of finding a workaround — this was certainly the case when I was at school. Having the form teacher perform inspections just seems pointlessly beuracratic.

    Also, why is the child getting disciplined for what should be the parents’ responsibility? We had a situation a couple of years ago when one of the twins kept losing his writing implements, which led to several conversations between the class teacher and my partner until we managed to drum into the child that he should put his pens away when he had finished with them. But the attitude of the school throughout was that it was the responsibility of us, as parents, to ensure the child was properly equipped — not the responsibility of the child.

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  4. There is no way i’m going to hit the ‘like’ button on this post!

    Is this seriously a common approach in England’s government schools today or do you just live in an area run by a demented council???

    Over here we are very fond of remembering our soldiers who died in war defending our right to have the way of life we now relish in.

    I think many of yours who have died would be wondering why they bothered when their grandkids seem to be living in Nazi Germany. ( And i give full permission for you to include this comment in any writings you give to the press to make sure decent people in England understand what madness is being perpetuated in their name! )

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      1. It beggars belief actually when there’s not a penny to be poured into education generally up and down the land and with that muppet in control we will all be lucky to afford a pencil. But this bunch get their way and I am not just talking Brexit, they would love to put the clocks back on one hell of a lot of things.

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      1. I had seen umpteen articles re this previously, just not ones coming to the fore. That is because they get drowned in gutter press rants that are busily conning a targeted audience, kidding them there will be money for the health service and education. Meantime Bodger rabbits about building a bridge between Ireland and Scotland, that will ONLY costs billions, literally fiddling in every way possible while the country burns.

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      2. Well that is how they are making inroads into impoverished areas. I recently read a very good piece by a journalist who was a war correspondent and bar the odd visit home over the last ten years has not ben here. Anyway he was recently and he could believe he was in his own country for a number of reasons. Obvious ones. Anyway he betook himself to the deprived areas and was utterly shocked by what he encountered in terms of poverty and deprivation. He interviewed one lady who was caring for a 26 year old severely handicapped son at home. Because of the cuts… something you are seeing in education and also the lumping of some conditions together… there’s no other carer. All she wanted she said was one hour one day a week to get a coffee in peace. She was but one of many who spoke to this guy about different aspects. They were all from areas who voted leave and said this was why. Cos there would be money for services. They believe the lies being punted. The parallels with the 20s and 30s have never been more apparent. And frankly the whole country is going down with them. I see that muppet of a Weatherspoon’s boss is blaming Remainers for his profits going down as he sits abroad. Well welcome to your empire going down if this goes through.

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      3. It’s funny how all the leaders pushing Brexit have residences in Europe. I trust they will be selling those and relocating to the UK. So many people are struggling. If we are leaving then it has to be done properly. Messing about with a plan weeks before the date is not doing it properly. It’s the management of the madhouse and is going to wreck the country. Yet it will make millions for Johnson and Farage’s backers.


      4. Yep. How much does one greedy bastard need actually? Please excuse my swearing. I do it all the time incidentally but really, I have never got that concept of greed. I always think enough is always a little more than I have but I’d rather have what I have because I totally enjoy it my way. I have a sister who is loaded and she is one of the least nice people I know. And I am just appalled at this greed fest going on when people, poor people, are going to go to the wall here over this mess. Already there’s price hikes on food. Maybe not much and these hikes are in places like Aldis, so here’s to more expensive places, but you total that up in the week, 20p here, 10p there, 70 pence there, on each item in the trolley. I just know that I am a tenner each week dearer than a year back on the same items. And it’s not just going to be food.

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      5. Now, that is interesting what you are saying re spaces. I’m an unashamed Aldi’s shopper despite where we live having all this choice, shops to the right, shops to the left, but it’s like an 8 min drive, so I go there and then to the places like Home Bargains which is another few mins away for other stuff. But lately there’s been spaces galore in Aldi’s. Now I put this down initially to the fact they totally refurbished a few months back and obviously, cos they shut to do it, they did not stock as per usual. Like that, cos I don’t shop other places and cos sometimes too they are waiting for a delivery lorry there’s spaces. BUT there’s now increasing spaces by the week and I don’t think it is cos they are waiting for a delivery. I’ve wondered and now you’ve just inadvertently said the same.

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      6. Increasingly it’s the cheaper stuff Ive noticed selling out. Stuff like store brand beans, tuna and tinned meat. I put it down to people sticking up with some items like that. The other thing which was sold out was the cheap pain killers.


      7. well, actually in terms of shelf space , I just see gaps. It’s not things I buy except for the grandie. and I have been struggling. But see what you say re the medicines…. well in our house you are lucky to get an aspirin if your leg has fallen off. Just me. Standing family joke. But now I think of it you’re right. Yesterday THAT gap had been closed. And there was nowt on the shelf. I know cos one thing I do buy is the morning pick me up vitamin fizzy tablet–my breakfast. That entire shelf was swiped and I was lucky to get anything. And that shelf was not the only one. But certain gaps have gone for longer that usual. Far longer. And nothing in their place.

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  5. I read this article when I was staying at my mum’s and yesterday when I read your raincoat story I thought maybe you should read it. If you have a moment (ha ha) please read it. Your son’s home schooling is surely a worthier cause than a teenager getting wireless ear buds or a cat going on a round the world trip (I’m not sure the cat would like it anyway) You have to read it to know what I’m talking about!

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    1. It really is. I know the health professionals are pulling their hair out with the local schools and council as well. They turned up at all the local schools to talk to the teachers and TAs about things like autism. The NHS View was that it was a complete waste of time, just not interested.


  6. That is horrendous. I remember as a kid feigning illness as I had lost my pencil case and was too scared to go back to school and my teacher had told me I had better not turn up without it. I really thought that kind of thing was a thing of the past.
    If I had my dream charity I would take the money being used to research cures for autism and instead set up a fund to pay parents to stay home and homeschool their autistic kids. Because more and more I’m convinced it’s the best option, at least until schools change their attitude.

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  7. I thought it was bad enough that we couldn’t use a biro at grammar school and had to have a fountain pen. I have to admit I despair. When Hubby worked in IT at a secondary school, staff were teaching 15 year olds using the Telly Tubbies.

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  8. I am a retired teacher in the U.S. Teachers here talk all the time about how schools in other countries are so much better than ours here. But honestly! All of my teaching career we made whatever accommodations were necessary for students with Aspergers, autism, dyslexia, or any learning difference. As much as I was able, I worked with each individual student to make sure he or she succeeded in school and enjoyed learning. Teachers here keep pencils, paper, and other school supplies in the classroom for students whose parents simply cannot afford to provide them or for students who have lost or misplaced them or left them at home. (Of course, we often have to purchase these things ourselves, as the school itself may not provide them.) The idea of checking a student’s bag and meting out punishment when everything isn’t in proper order is just foreign to me. When I read your posts I wish I could do something to make it better for your son.

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    1. Thank you. Like everywhere we have a lot of great teachers. But the system doesn’t let them teach. We are also have a system which is badly skewed to a few private schools. It appears you have to go to one particular one to get into the Government. Those schools are permitted freedoms other public schools aren’t.

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  9. Good grief, this kind of inspection coupled with “negatives” really irritates me! I think it does the opposite of what the school is aiming for as well. Only the children who care about doing the right thing are affected (the others shrug it off). So it does nothing to sort out those kids who have genuine issues with their school equipment and stresses out all of the reasonable kids and parents. The upshot is lots of pain and stress for those who generally try to do the right thing and no effect on the school’s actual target audience.

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  10. That is totally bonkers. Who gives a toss what the kids draw or write with… They are supposed to be teaching, not counting pencils, changing the school uniform every two minutes and generally berating every student who doesn’t fit their nasty little mold!
    I heard some similar complaints from parents on the radio this morning. Your poor son. He must be terrified of failing for all the wrong reasons. Conformity to the pedantic whims of the bourgeoisie administration is likely going to create a lot of pen pushers who can’t think for themselves.
    It is beyond reprehensible, it is criminal!

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  11. This is so heartbreaking! I find somethings so wasteful and wrong with the public school system (which is one of the reasons why I homeschooled for 6 years)…but I also really love the opportunities my children get now that they are in public school. But yes, the teachers would do well to recognize that some children are really soft hearted and being harshly criticized just brings out their worst. My daughter was just upset tonight because her teacher told the class that if her project wasn’t done neatly enough, he would rip it up in front of them. Ouch. For a perfectionist child, this is a living nightmare.

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