It’s Sunday so it’s time for a bit of Switzerland

Spiez is like many Swiss towns and villages – nestled between beautiful lakes and imposing mountains. In summer the weather is often glorious with blue skies and hot weather. Although places like Spiez definitely have a seaside feel the word you don’t naturally associate with this great country is beaches.

So when we heard someone in the hotel mention the upcoming Beach Football Tournament we kinda of laughed. But how wrong we were.

Switzerland has a well stablished and successful beach soccer league. The finals weekend was being played 200 yards from the hotel. Within a couple of days a grass field had been transformed into a beech with stadium.

Beach soccer is a great sport to watch especially with a cold beer. Our son loved the experience. He loved watching the games, he loved kicking a ball on the sand, he loved the music, he loved the fanpark and he really loved his free hat. He still wears it today.

We didn’t get to see the league final as we had to leave on the Saturday. BUT…

On Friday night we got to see a beech soccer International. Switzerland v Germany. A brave soul paraglided off the local mountain and onto the pitch. Then it was the national anthems.

Then the teams showed amazing skills while kicking lumps out of each other. It really is a fabulous sport. Sadly I don’t think Yorkshire has the weather for it to catch on here. But if you get the chance do check out the sport.

But definitely if your looking for a seaside or beach holiday don’t automatically discount Switzerland. It really is an amazing country.

36 thoughts on “Beach Football – Swiss Style

  1. That would be interesting to have a beach vibe in the middle of the mountains.
    Two of my favorite places mixed together.
    And you got to share a photo of son.👍😍(I have pics of Ben I’d love to share but can’t if I’m gonna write the way I do. His privacy is more important than my need to share his adorableness)

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  2. You’d have thought that with the 20,000 miles of mostly pristine white beach shoreline Australia has it would be a perfect spot for the sport! But until today i had never heard of it!! Beach volleyball and beach cricket definitely! (in spades), but no soccer?

    Do the balls bounce on sand? I hope the halves are not 45 mins long or there are going to be some seriously cramped calves by the end of a match!

    Switzerland really is amazing – thanks for the tourism lesson. 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Did you enquire as to where they import the sand from??


  3. It felt like I was right there with you when you went to watch the beach football game. Such beautiful photographs. This was a lovely read. Technology is such a powerful too. Don’t stop sharing your world; I’m getting to view it all the way from Zimbabwe 🙂

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